Curve Product Update July 2019

Curve Product Update July 2019

This is a short recap of what we are working on, what we have planned, and challenges we might have encountered. We’ll post the update every second Tuesday of the month!

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Current projects:

  • Peer to Peer Payment
  • Onboarding process
  • App redesign
  • Open Beta

Peer to Peer Payment
The team who worked on Curve Cash has joined in on the P2P project. We are currently in the middle of Phase 1.

  • Phase 1: Be able to send from Curve account to Curve account.
  • Phase 2: Request from Curve account to Curve account.

When Phase 2 is completed it we will do a Beta before the full launch.

We are currently working on the ability to show the card details in the app. It will be rolled when we launch the new oboarding process. Seeing the details will require passcode/biometrics.


  • We are creating a virtual version of the Curve card so you’ll have your Curve card on your app before it arrives in the post. We will explore other use cases for the virtual card later on in separate projects.
  • The signup will also be changed from using your email to sign up and using your phone number instead.

App Redesign
The profile view usability test was completed. Thank you to everyone who came by the office. There will be many more customer interviews coming up, let us know if you’re interested in joining us in a post below :smiley:

Curve Beta
The Curve Beta process for Android and iOS is being ironed out while we write up the Terms of Service. Let me know in this thread if you’d like to test out the signup process when it’s ready: Beta Programme Launch Notification


Hi Marie,
Really like yours updates!
I’m interested to be part of the beta curve sign-up process (as I was part of the Amex beta)
Thank you

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Custom card images and MCCs for each transactions would be great features. :slight_smile:


No updates on Apple Pay?


I’d be all for joining the Curve beta, I’m basically a king of feedback.

As for P2P payments, will Curve support withdrawing this to a linked card? Could we get a payment link service as well? or something

Is there any chance you could leak some UI changes so you can gauge a wider customer base than your current meeting group? Would be better than finding out everyone hates the new UI post release

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Please don’t. When it comes to using your phone number and SMS for logging in, it is way less secure than your email and can way easier be spoofed or stolen.

I’d also love to see pictures of the new UI. Not all your users live in London, or even in England.


Are you kidding? How is it less secure?

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I agree with this - H3H3 (a popular YouTuber) had his SIM sent to another house due to a social engineering attack aimed at him.

I can’t remember what damage has been done, but with P2P payments coming and “drug mules” you could have malicious actors easily traffic money using people as middlemen.

See above.

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We are not debating whether it’s possible, I know it’s possible. The point is that it’s way more likely for the average user to have his email password stolen, rather than his SIM card.

Also, I don’t think it’s fair to compare a famous youtuber to the average Joe.

I am not sure the above is true. In the UK, scammers managing to request replacement SIMs and then using them for banking fraud has been a growing issue for years.


Sign me up for Bera!
And yes, SMS is less secure since you don’t need a password for authentication.
Email services do not only require a password but also many providers offer 2way auth --> from a security standpoint very secure


Really? I had no idea. In my country it’s exceedingly rare! I don’t know even a single person to whom it happened, not even friends of friends (of friends…).

Not sure where you live but some details at

+1 for not wanting mobile number, I move between SIM’s for traveling and shift my CURVE to the device I’m using, I absolutely do NOT want to be locked down to the phone number if for example you force authentication against the number on the device itself. Please @Curve_Marie consider the global traveler here.


Oh nice! Curious to find out how the P2P works. :thinking:

I’d like to sign up for Curve Beta, please! :slight_smile:

This is why allowing signing in with multiple devices is critical, especially after this move.

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Love the interest in joining the Beta Programme! :clap::star_struck:

I’ll make sure to tag everyone who posted in the Beta Programme Launch Notification thread when the signup form is published :smiley: This way you will be notified when it happens!


Duly noted and forwarded to the product team @BendikHa, @Lucas, and @fwdlink! Please note that it’s linked to a number when signing up, it’s not specified whether it’s the same for signing in.