Curve Product Update July 2019

Thank you @Curve_Marie, that would be great as I’ve always been passionate about Curve and what it enables us to do. Have a lovely weekend.

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Would love to have you onboard again :smile: Will check with the Compliance Team whether GDPR would allow us to reach out to previous testers. Hope you’ll have a lovely weekend as well!

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Is it too late to sign up for the beta? If not, can I be in?

I would want to test the Beta

@Dotunmo @dishydr

No, it is not too late, but please show your interest in the correct thread:

Can you express your interest in this thread please?

That’s the first thread that I checked before posting here. But it seems I don’t have posting permissions.

My bad! You can post in it now :smiley:

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I am afraid something went wrong with making it available again:

Try again, please and thank you :smiley:

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Please please have a universal app for ios having an iphone only app is surely outdated. Nowtv and virtually every app I use is universal.

Iphone app is poor. Not everyone uses a smartphone. Many thanks

Thanks for the info @Curve_Marie. I would be happy to take part in a customer interview if needed. Any news on Apple Pay? Sorry if I’ve missed this somewhere…

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Hopefully Curve manages this by Q4 this year :frowning: if it doesn’t 10/10 going to cry

Then again, it does give me a better excuse to get Curve Metal - I wish they’d let me opt-out of the insurance though

Curve Metal is awesome!

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IMHO Apple Pay will be available in Curve only for cards, which are directly supported by Apple Pay.

If you like to discuss on that, this is your thread:

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I agree it’s not bad I just wish they’d kill the insurance gubbins and give me cashback everywhere instead ;(

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Why can’t you just not use the insurance?