Curve Product Update July 2020

Curve Product Update July 2020

This is a short recap on what we are working on, what we have planned, and challenges we might have encountered. We’ll post the update every second Tuesday of the month! :tada:

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Introducing Curve Credit. Go back in time and pay later. Click here to be one of the first ones to try it.

Join the community discussion: Curve begins testing Curve Credit

We’re rebuilding refunds with a brand new refunds process that’s going to be faster than before, and puts the customer in control.

As soon as we have refunds out, we’ll be working on getting GBiT back to you too. :construction_worker_man:t4::construction_worker_woman:t4:


We became our own e-money and card issuer in a spectacular manner! Read all about it here - Wirecard: Updates

The metal investor cards have arrived and they look fantastic!

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SAMSUNG PAY - Powered by Curve

We’ve launched a dedicated account for customer queries - @AskCurve. Tweet or drop us a DM any time between 9am-6pm, any day of the week and we’ll get back to you ASAP!


No real news to anyone on the forum, more a monthly recap. Which is fine.

We are, however, many who read the communication from last week stating that refunds would be launched ”early next week”. Today is Tuesday, end of business. With that said, the early part if the week is now gone and we are more mid week.

In the same communication from last week, it was mentioned that GBiT would be back ”hopefully end of next week” or similar wording. Now that refunds did not materialize ”early this week” should we assume that the return of GBiT, once again, is pushed further into the future?


Ok… so when:

  • fixing MCC passing
  • G-Pay in EU…

Really need GBiT to be working. This is a real pain it is not. Any idea when it will be.


You should think about implementing samsung pay in eea before creating some new Samsung pay card. Priorities aren’t understood here I guess.

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I assume the Samsung Pay Card announcement is just announcing the collaboration contract. I’d be surprised if we see anything more about it this current year, so I doubt it’s a “priority”.

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Yes, so that’s one more “great thing” Wich Curve announces but which will take 1year to be real for us.

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Also when … Metal Card with national BIN

Only for metal card?

Blue and Black already have local BINs in many countries. All Metal cards, currently, have a UK BIN.

So local bin for all cards

In Istanbul they get UK bin from my card, and forced GB converting on the card at the airport
From they say it have a Germany bin and block the card

@hup hmm. Not sure that Steampower issue might also be caused by the reason that some categories of payment are not working In General for curve. As far as I know stuff like gambling, adult/erotic content, lotteries and other stuff is blocked by curve and can’t in general with curve. Maybe steampower is that kind of payment?

You mean buyng

Counter strike
Call of duty
The sims
Cities: Skylines
Horizon Zero Dawn
Command & Conquer

Or hardware like
Valve Index VR Kit

Or buying online software

Is gambling?

I contacted there support after the card failed
And they told me the bin are registered to germany and they block the card, since is different from my
home country
Store country

Even a UK bin will be blocked in my case

The issue
My card dont have a bin registered to Denmark
And they only allow local cards
Or paypal

@hup I did not checked that page in detail was just a guess what It might be. But when it’s Germany then yes - but even if it was UK it wouldn’t help. Wondering that they said German BIN - always Heard that people complain it’s only UK. First time hearing that someone has German BIN.

But Never mind, this seems to be one of the use cases where you see Curve Is not 100% of cards and payments in one card … it’s still great Product - but has some gaps.

It the biggest site to buy games
Maybe you have heard of it


Curve have there good side
And bad side

Having lots of issues with places rejecting my Curve Card, even Netflix wont accept it.

Google Pay and Garmin Pay… Still waiting …

I had the same problem with Netflix with my metal card, UK bin living in Spain.
Open a chat and they add it for you, quick and painless.