Curve Product Update July 2022

Curve Product Update July 2022


Curve Crypto Rewards :crescent_moon:
We launched Crypto Rewards which allow our Metal users to select from a range of Cryptocurrencies in the Curve app for your cashback to be invested in, instead of being sent directly to your Curve cash.

Curve Black users can also use this feature but are only be able to earn rewards cashback on Bitcoin.

We’re aware that some of our users see an error message when setting up their rewards cashback. This is most likely because we don’t have proper identity verification in place for you yet. In this case, please contact our support team so they can help you with completing the doc and selfie process!

Rewards cashback are earned through a custodial wallet but we’re working to quickly bring functionality so that you can move your earned rewards off into a self-custodial wallet of your choosing. Stay tuned.

Changes to Premium Insurance

We’ve improved our insurance offering for our premium users!

Metal users now get:
:iphone:Phone insurance coverage is up from £800 to £1500
:tickets: Ticket cancellation insurance: Up to £150 per ticket and up to £1,000 per year.
:computer: Extended warranty insurance: 12 months after the original warranty, up to £5,000 a year.

And Curve Black customers get the same deal, minus any phone insurance. :clap:

All changes come into effect on 23 September 2022. Any claims made for incidents on, or after, 23 September 2022 will be covered by our new policy.

For more details, check out the docs below
Terms and Conditions I IPID

Business Card Compatibility :briefcase:

We’ve introduced a new policy where business payment cards can’t be added to personal accounts - you’ll need to be on a business Curve card to add business payment cards to your Curve wallet.

If you’d like to exchange a personal Curve card for a Curve business card so you can add your business bank cards then please contact the support team through the in-app chat.

Curve X Discount

Just a reminder that our Curve X discount for existing customers has changed as we’re moving away from the announcement date. If you haven’t already upgraded then you can still upgrade to Curve X for £/€2.50 per month for a year.

What’s in the pipeline?

The product team’s main focus is currently on making quality of life improvements to make the Curve app easier to use and the customer experience more streamlined.

This means we have a few key improvements on their way to reduce the number of tickets that need to be raised with the support team.

  • In-app account cancellation that doesn’t require contacting the support team.
  • Introducing a card reissue button within the Curve app.
  • Improved card delivery time estimates.
  • Improved automated renewal logic for expiring cards.
  • Notifications will be given when a response is received from the support team in the Curve app to help with speeding up resolution times from the support team.