Curve Product Update June 2019

Great! So what’s new about the rewards programme? I can’t find info anywhere!

You’ll find the information when it’s launched :slight_smile:

But… you are in beta, why wait?

Beta does not mean public launch and there’s the Press Embargo in place.

Yet you posted this as app description on the Play Store: “Try the new Curve Cash! Select your merchants and enjoy 1% cash back for life if you are on Curve Black or Curve Metal” :joy:

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The embargo was until 8 am today, so it’s public information now :wink:

Some details here:

Still unanswered questions:

  • Is Curve Cash available those on Legacy Black and including those on the old 3% Rewards program?
  • Can you change your selected retailers from time to time? If so, how often?
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Didn’t make much sense, especially considering they unveiled today. They should have said to wait until today or something.

Just my 2 cents as usual though.

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I’ll answer my own questions:

No, it’s not.

Not currently, but that might be implemented in the future.

We are crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s for our blogpost and emails. It will be published by the end of the business day :slight_smile:

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We've launched Curve Cash!


What actually peer to peer payments to clarify

Feel free to sling a beta invite my way :wink: might actually convince me to pick up Curve again

I did the math on Curve Cash with my current spending tendencies and found my old rewards paid my entire black legacy membership already but now I’m screwed because I’m one of those who switched to Metal.

Posts/complaints/emails/phone call - result is always the same nothing

Curve cash is a great development for new joiners, but for us on metal there’s so much more wanting.

As of yet I’ve still only really benefited from being able to “look cool” as I whip out a metal card.

The travel insurance is nice, and could replace my existing but the gadget insurance needs a boost to cover an iPhone XS Max line (£1099-1399) in order to be truly viable. Currently I still need separate insurance for a minimum storage Xs max.

I’m not even counting lounges because while I travel a decent bit I find mostly Londoners would actually end up at an airport long enough to be fussed with going to a lounge. Personally I usually time it such than I’ve got only 30-40 mins in the airport between exiting security and boarding. Why pay £15 for half an hour?

Altogether my cash back would touch a max of around £50-£60 which is actually not bad, provided I use curve because right now I use my Amex to get BA points and Tesco feeds back even more BA points. Replacing the points accruing with cash is great but net would reduce the benefit of the Curve Cash, essentially meaning a bigger need for the rest of to be really attractive.

Virtual AND disposable cards (see Revolut premium/metal) would definitely be a plus.

Will the peer-to-peer permit transfers simply between one’s own accounts, perhaps even between currencies (see Circle Pay)? If so, especially if that was a metal only feature, it would definitely improve the offer. I use circle every month to move money (under £500) between dollars, euros and pounds and it’s even cheaper than transferwise (it uses blockchain). Unfortunately it will shutdown come September.

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Why is there no update on Apple Pay? This is way overdue. Curve’s failure to implement Apple Pay causes me to use underlying cards directly instead of using Curve, because Apple Pay on the underlying cards is more convenient.


Agreed on this. Been using Curve less since there’s no Apple Pay yet.

Just posted in the Apple Pay thread:

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