Curve Product Update June 2022

Curve Product Update June 2022

Card Delivery Fee :love_letter:
We implemented a card delivery fee of £4.99 to order a Curve card on our free card tier. You can read more about this by visiting our FAQ.

Referral Bonus changed back to £5.
We have changed our referral bonus to provide £5 to both the referrer and the referred user. Remember, the new user must make five transactions with Curve across the first 10 days for you both to be eligible for the bonus!

FX fees are out for the summer.
Two major changes to FX fees came into effect for the summer. First, we removed weekend FX fees for the summer until the end of August, and we’ve also increased the FX limits for users from £500 to £1000 per month. :airplane:

Curve X Launch and Card Tier Changes.
We launched our brand new Curve X card tier on the 28th of June. Shachar’s blog post on Stacked provides details as to why these changes were needed and the Curve team have been overwhelmed by the support shown in the number of upgrades we’ve already had. With the support of our users, the Curve team feels more confident than ever about the bright future of Curve across the UK, EEA and US! :muscle:

Updates from Curve X launch:

Changes and improvements to our premium card subscriptions are already live. The changes for our free subscription tier will be implemented on August 27th.

Curve Black Legacy and Legacy Benefits:
Curve Black Legacy and Legacy cashback users will not be affected by the changes to our available card tiers.

Curve Investors:
Curve Investors will no longer be sent a Curve X card when upgrading to this card tier. Instead, you’ll be able to continue using your Investor cards! We also have replacement Investor cards in stock for when these expire in the future.

No needless reissues:
Previously, some Curve users upgrading from the free subscription to Curve X were being sent a replacement Curve X card despite not needing it. This issue has now been resolved. :clap:


What qualifies as “not needing the new Curve card”? The prospect of replacing the current card in all subscription is not very appealing after the subscription change.

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What do you mean with “support shown in the number of upgrades”? Is it the offer of 1,99€(that is the max of what it’s worth to pay for) that makes you say so?

I don’t think there is support for Curve X with 4,99€ charge. That’s a ridicolous price, and not worth it.


What changes?

I ask as the announcement originally mentioned other benefits which were subsequently removed from the post

Can you confirm these features still coming and if so can you provide an estimated timeline please?

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Does reissued curve cards (due to validity term expiring) have delivery fee on free tier?

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What other benefits were included but then removed I didn’t see The original blog post


The original blog post showed the below which includes extended warranties and ticket cancellation insurance

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Hey there @RA1 please continue to provide your feedback on this thread and I’ll continue representing these sentiments internally.

Curve cards that are reissued due to expiry, damage, fraud or theft won’t be charged for. Whether users are charged for reissues is generally judged on a case by case basis by the support team so if it seems unreasonable to be charged the team will most likely agree!

These features are still on their way but I can’t provide a timeline for this just yet. Sorry for any inconvenience and I’ll update the Community as soon as I have more information available.

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