Curve Product Update March 2020

Curve Product Update March 2020

This is a short recap on what we are working on, what we have planned, and challenges we might have encountered. We’ll post the update every second Tuesday of the month :tada:


  • Refunds
  • 3DS
  • Decline Reason
  • Secret Project: Metal is now available across Europe :metal:

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We’ve improved our matching technology so that we can get refunds to you faster without anyone intervening. Read more about here: Refunds: what we used to do, and how we’ve fixed it

The plan is to launch this month. We’re currently working out the finals bits. :wrench:

The push notifications for declines are being updated! :money_mouth_face: The messages will be updated for each new app version being released. We are going to add the declined transactions onto your timeline. You’ll now receive more information on why the decline happened and. When it’s appropriate, we’ll suggest the next action. This could be changing your card if there’s insufficient fund or nudge you to update your card info if your card has expired.

Metal will be available across Europe! You heard it here first :wink: We hope to launch this month :rocket:

Update 11 March: We’ve launched! :metal: excluding Liechtenstein and Iceland.


God, I can’t wait for 3DS - It will complete everything I need to abandon all but 1 of my other cards.

Thank you Curve and I give special thanks to those who read our constantly impatient messages :wink:

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In the product update of December 2019 there was a mention of a new onboarding process:

In the 2020 updates there was not spoken about this anymore. Has this been put on hold? Especially the last bullet point is of interest to me and others.

Awesome news about 3DS and decline messages! Can’t wait for these to release :smiley:


What about Google Pay and Samsung Pay for the rest of the Europe??? It is equally important


Great to see that Curve are putting development time into fixing obvious shortcomings in the product (refunds, 3DS, declines) rather than introducing more by launching half-baked features (send). Thanks for the update @Curve_Marie :slight_smile:


Glad to hear decline messages are going to improved - very much needed and welcomed!

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Fantastic, I hope you arrive in Italy soon… after this emergency is resolved :frowning:


Will european investors waiting for a plastic investor card get the metal investor card when they upgrade within a specific period of time? Or will they get the red plastic card for a few weeks and then a normal metal card when they upgrade?

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Thank you for catching this! It has been deprioritised, but I’ll check whether it’s on hold.

The thread you shared will be picked up today. Apologies for missing it.

Yes, it is! We are working on making this happen. It’s not on the Monthly Product Update because it’s not close enough to ready for us to start shouting about it.

We will send out the investor cards for as long as we have them in stock, it’s not dependent on a time frame.

If you are already on the metal tier or invested 1K or more, we’ll send you a metal card straight away :smiley:

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I am not on the metal tier year because I do not live in the UK and I invested less than 1K. So in my understanding the procedure would be:

  1. I get my red investor card.
  2. Metal becomes available across europe + I upgrade to metal and get a normal metal card.
  3. You send out the metal investor cards and I get one as far as they are still available.

That would be fine for me, but I thing it would be in Curve’s interest to not send me 3 different cards.

Before sending out the cards, we will double check your current card tier.

As of a few minutes ago, you are able to upgrade to metal :star_struck:

Metal is now available for customers across EEA with the exception of Liechtenstein and Iceland.


Congrats! :+1:t2:

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@Curve_Marie If you sign-up for Metal with the yearly annual fee and you change your residence in that year, you will be able to switch your insurance benefits to the new country?

I’d like to try it for just 1 month…

Already ordered one. :grin:

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need help fast!
i cant pick a red metal card but my friend can.