Curve Product Update May 2019

@Curve_Marie This is what I’m on about. There’s no provision for those not in or able to get to London yet if this is 1:1 then it really could be done by Webex / Skype

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But legacy black holders get permanent 3% from about 30 retailers so it’s a step backwards.

Fab idea - could use Skype or similar instead with screen sharing. Could be a good way for those of us not in London to help shape the plans :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update! It’s great to know what’s going on inside Curve. I have a few related questions and opinions.

First of all, I think that’s a really good decision, as SMS login is usually even simpler than e-mail Magic Links. However, while you’re working over this, I’d really want you to consider introducing two-factor authentication. Some users (me included) think that relying on one method of proving one’s identity is not enough and that’s why I suggest providing an option to activate extra log-in layers, such as:

  1. both e-mail and SMS to log in,
  2. SMS code + PIN to log in.

That’s especially important as we’re dealing with money, after all. Moreover, I would also like to ask you to make sure the messages can be delivered to every country and that there is an option to call with a code instead of sending SMS in case it isn’t received (it can always happen because of network issues).

Two quick questions here.

  1. Can you share any details about how it would work? I remember us being asked for possible solutions in this matter but I’m not sure if our feedback was even used.
  2. Is there going to be any way to join the beta as a non-UK customer? I’d be really happy to participate in testing, yet it usually is restricted to UK residents.

Are you planning on giving other forms of participating in the process other than visit in London? That’s quite a big deal to go there to some of us, but we’d love to help. I have a lot of ideas and it would be more efficient if I could be heard.

You cannot always rely on sms. One option but a second needs to rely on Internet only. There are too many places in the UK without mobile signal. Also when overseas.

Are the virtual cards for onboarding only? Or can I get one or more go use them like revolut does?

There will still be an introductory offer of 90 days cashback for new who sign up for Curve Blue :slight_smile:

Now I’m with you, thought you were referring to the demo on the onboading in the section above.

We will do this next time - we naturally need feedback from customers who represent the entire base, not just the ones who are based in London :slight_smile: As this is the first time we do a full day of in-depth customer feedback sessions, we want to make we create a solid process first. It will be easier to iterate the approach without adding the potential technical issues that seem to go hand-in-hand with video calls.

(Cc: @ediflyer, @Pawel)

We’ve taken this into consideration :+1:

That’s a great idea - I’ve forwarded it to the Product Team :slight_smile:

When developing features, we start out properly identifying the customer problem to be solved or the customer job to be completed before creating the solution, not the other way around. We’ve received fantastic feedback that definitely will be used! The steps mentioned are just the outline and the starting points of what P2P will be.

Yes, there will :smiley:

We are hiring! :wink: Please keep using the community to share your ideas, all of them are shared with the Product Team and we keep a close eye on the votes! There will be other 1:1 sessions that we can do via video conference. I also hope to see you sign up for Beta when it’s launched :smiley:

Good question, I’ll check :slight_smile:


Virtual cards generated for subscriptions etc. are necessary. I’m so disappointed that they aren’t on the current projects list :unamused:

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Everyone will be able to use the virtual card, it won’t be just for onboarding :blush:


That’s great. Hope it will be available soon.

It will be a second card number? Will I be able to choose a different underlying card for that second virtual card? May I set limits or restrictions for then virtual card? Or lock it independently from the physical card?

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I would imagine that the virtual card is the digital version of the physical card and therefore have the same limits. You will have to choose an underlying card to use it as Curve is not connected to your bank account :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is decided yet, but I’ve brought it forward to the Product Team for input :smiley:


So it would be useless for those, who already have a physical card, if I understood you correctly :frowning: It would be awesome to have completely separate virtual card — like Revolut doing it, or some other fintechs/banks.

Well, you can technically use it so I wouldn’t go as far as calling it “useless” :wink:

The use case and project here is “Onboarding”. Other use cases for the virtual card will be realised at a later stage :slight_smile:

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I meant if I might be able to choose a different underlying card for virtual and physical

I will be a good idea to be able to easily destroy and remake the virtual card.


Same as revolut. And a VISA virtual option please. I have a revolut visa and its very useful as sometimes I can’t pay with a Mastercard.

The second Tuesday of the month was yesterday.

Why are you always late?

Because they’re always working and trying to do something useful for us! Instead of bothering each other with strange updates :slight_smile:

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What @andrey_yantsen said :smirk: Working on the communications for the new rewards programme to be more specific.

Next update is ready!

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