Curve Product Update May 2022

Curve Product Update April 2022

Smart Rules :brain:
At the start of May we launched Smart Rules! This feature allows you to set rules for which bank card will be charged when making certain types of payments. You can find more info on this by clicking the sub-heading above or by visiting our FAQ!

Plutus Partnership Benefits :blue_heart:
After a long wait, we were thrilled to finally able to go public with the details about our Plutus partnership. The main benefit being that if you’re a Plutus user you can get access to Curve Metal for just £4.99 a month! :money_mouth_face:

Paul Harrald, head of Flex, AMA
Paul Harrald, head of Curve Flex and our CIO, has taken part in the first of many AMA’s which will be held on the Community. This thread will be updated today so keep an eye out for his response’s to your questions.

Improved FX offering :airplane:
We’ve permanently increased the rolling FX limit from £500 to £1000 so that you can enjoy spending with Curve abroad this summer without added pressure.
We’ve also temporarily removed the weekend fees for Summer ( June 1st - 31st Aug). This includes all transactions and ATM withdrawal fees! We’ll review the level of success from this change after this trial period is finished so that we can continue to evaluate and improve our FX offering.

£5 Referral Fee
We’ve now updated our referral scheme so that both the referral and referer will receive £5 in Curve cash.