Curve Product Update November 2021

Curve Product Update November 2021

Hey everyone, as promised I’m bringing back monthly updates from the Curve team!

These updates will be given at the end of each month to make sure that nothing is missed or overlooked. To begin with, these updates will mostly be to recap any updates and changes in the Curve product but as we continue to develop the Community’s role in Curve’s development we’ll begin creating a roadmap so you can have a heads up on what projects are being worked on!

Recent Changes and Updates:

Community Restructuring

To tidy up the Curve Community, we’ve now restructured the home page into four main categories:

  • News, Updates and Features.
    This category is used for discussions on the Curve and product and is the best place to find news directly from the Curve team!

  • General Chat
    The General Chat category is used to talk about the Community itself, topics that are related to the fintech world in general, travelling and anything else that doesn’t fit in another category!

  • Feedback Centre
    The Feedback Centre is for everyone in the Community to give feedback directly to the Curve team. We also have the Ideas topic which allows you to request feature and suggest changes that the Curve team can review and use as inspiration. You can even vote on other user’s ideas so that the team can get an accurate idea of the demand for a feature!

  • Help
    The Help category allows you to ask any questions about Curve in a variety of languages and your fellow Community users and I will do our best to provide answers to your issues providing that it isn’t a problem that needs to be investigated by the support team.

Polish Country Moderator needed!

We’re currently on the lookout for a country specific moderator for our Polish Group. If you feel like this could be you then let me know!

Adjustments to SCA:

  • The Curve team looked into the possibility of applying a similar transaction counter as used by Revolut but realised that this wouldn’t be possible due to the difficulty of querying this information with every transaction.
  • Instead, the Curve team decided to remove the restriction on making five contactless transactions in a row entirely!

Amazon and Visa

Amazon announced on the 18th of November that they would be blocking transactions from being made with UK Visa Credit cards on their websites. Luckily, you can still add these cards to your Curve account to make transactions with Amazon as a handy workaround!

In-app verification launched

We’ve streamlined the identity verification process for new users by giving the option to submit needed documents through the Curve app!

Added Hungary rewards

We’ve continued bringing our Rewards feature to new regions with the latest country to get access being Hungary!

Curve Experiences

We’re planning a series of events, activities and promotions to get to know our Community members better and to have some fun! The first of these events is ongoing and we’ve called it Curve Experiences. By submitting your pictures on the Community in this thread, you can be in for the chance of the picture being shared across Curve’s social media and of earning Curve cash! We’re looking forward to seeing people getting involved!


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