Curve Product Update October 2019

Curve Product Update October 2019

This is a short recap on what we are working on, what we have planned, and challenges we might have encountered. We’ll post the update every second Tuesday of the month.

Current projects:

  • Curve Send (P2P)
  • Onboarding process
  • App redesign

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We are redoing the whole onboarding process. When this is completed, new customers will be able to sign up and start spending with Curve within minutes. Essential parts of enabling that are Curve Send and MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES).

As a first step, you will be able to see your full card details in the app (will require passcode/biometrics). It will be a visual representation of your card, which means you can make online payments using the card details, however, you cannot make touchless payments using your device. This step is, unfortunately, taking some time. We are investigating alternatives.


  • Customers will be able to spend minutes after signing up.
  • The signup will also be changed from using your email to sign up and using your phone number instead.
  • New customers will be able to set up their own PIN as a part of the onboarding.
  • It will be possible to add shared payment cards onto other Curve accounts.


The new profile has been rolled out for iOS! There’s a lot more to than what meets the eyes. Read more about the update here


Same here

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Any plans to add a feature of being able to chat with customer services within the app and not start there and jump over to your emails where you hold all communications?

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Are there any updates on Curve Metal launching in the EEA, particularly in France?

Hey Curve! Nothing about 3DS?
You can’t keep on just ignoring all of your EU customers. :slightly_frowning_face:


Actually, they can! :slight_smile: Please show your demand for 3DS by voting in a separate topic:



Thanks for your reply!
Actually I have already written a couple of posts in that thread. But no reply from Curve there either.


We have many dependencies with regards to using various payment partners to process transactions. We are close to being ready with 3DS and will try our level best to not let it affect customers.


We don’t have immediate plans for live chat. It has been suggested on the community here: Chat option or call centre please

As far as they told, it might happen next year. I hope within Q1.

Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:

I’d love a red metal card. :slightly_smiling_face:

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