Curve Product Update October 2020

Curve Product Update October 2020

This is a short recap on what we are working on, what we have planned, and challenges we might have encountered. We’ll post the update every second Tuesday of the month! :tada:

Click here all monthly updates.

We’re changing from monthly to quarterly updates so we’ll have more to discuss with you :blush: Having tried monthly updates for over a year, let’s see how we can improve the format. I’d love to get your feedback :smiley:


Curve Credit is still in the works. Introducing Curve Credit - this is still in the works :smiley: Click here to be one of the first ones to try it.

We’ve been working behind the scenes on improving the support experience in-app. These changes will be gradually rolled out over the next month(s). Customers using iOS will see it first, Android is also in the works.

With these new changes, you’ll be able to reorder your card in the app. You’ll also be able to change your own details.

The way refunds are displayed will be changed. You’ll be able to see the original transaction and the refund as two separate transactions.



For those who missed the updated post last month:

We’ve launched Google Pay for 14 new counties :smiley:

FitBit and Garmin pay was made available for customers in 14 new countries, while French, German, Irish, Italian, and Spanish customers can add their Curve card to Wena Pay :rocket:


We’re excited to announce that Henry Kenner will be joining Curve as Non-Executive Director of Curve Credit.

We ranked 2nd place in BusinessCloud’s 100 Fintech Disrupters of 2020, only Starling Bank’s ahead of us. Thank you to everyone who voted for us :heart:


I hope somehow linked for reference.

When will be able to move refunds from Curve Cash to the correct card? It is so infuriating that they are put there even when it is clear where they should go!

They always go straight back to the original card for me :thinking:

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Lucky you, they don’t for me. Because you can’t transfer the funds anywhere you then have to try and spend the exact same amount somewhere using Curve Cash. I wonder how much Curve are making from all the funds sat there, don’t think they are protected either if anything was to happen to Curve.

You can top up the curve cash to account like revolut
Convert it
Send it back to your account or spend it

Maybe it has something to do with me being on the beta testing list.

Can anybody else confirm what the behaviour is right now?

There’s been a lot of changes lately. I can’t remember the combination of behaviour because it was rolled forwards then partly backwards, and then partly forwards again :sweat_smile:

Totally confusing.

How? I don’t see any option to top up or transfer Curve Cash anywhere

Open curve select curve cash
Open revolut app, add money, enter the amount you have in cuve cash
Click add money (enter the card details of your Curve card; 16 digits, exp. date, cvv)
Then, open, exchange
Now exchange the money
Now open transfer, enter your account
Click transfer

Now the money are transfered, the refund should be in your accounr in 1-2 working days


That’s a clever trick my friend, just tried it and it worked!

@Curve_Marie Sorry if this is explained somewhere, but has Curve entirely abandoned the idea of having the option of receiving refunds to Curve Cash? It’s not in any of the product updates nor is any sort of path forward laid out in the last update about refunds. I hugely preferred that state of affairs and even started describing this as another benefit of Curve to other people (because it was faster, you didn’t run into issues with refunds to closed cards, or refund onto credit cards that have already been paid off so you get into the weird state of cards being overpaid, etc etc)


Oh finally you got that the refund should be in a different transaction, looking for a refund actually is an headache and have lots of graphic glitch (like showing the transaction in a positive amount…), one day i’m pretty sure you will do the same thing for the GBIT to have a clear timeline…

Hey! We only process refunds to Curve cash If we can’t match your refund to the original transaction, also after Wirecard gate our main priority was getting customers money back to them as quickly as possible which is why all all refund requests since June 26th have now been processed directly to your Curve Cash Card balance.


@Curve_Marie I cannot seem to find Novembers or Decembers updates on here? Is this correct?

Any chance we can see a full update as to what is planned for Curve? I feel like nothing has really taken off (apart from this Coinbase thing today) in months…

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Not sure they have anything planned. Hence the lack of a November update and nothing so far in December…

Hello @JoshuaBoots and @nick69g :blush:

There’s some info in the OP:


Hi Marie, thank you! I hadn’t seen this - makes more sense.


For what it’s worth, just to give some feedback, I personally quite liked the monthly updates even if nothing changed.

It showed what you were still working on, at least, which was interesting and it meant we always heard quite quickly when something new was coming. A quarterly update is better than nothing, but obviously not as useful as a monthly update for showing what is going on right now - there is quite some time between each quarter. A recent thing which I can’t help but feel would probably have been explained in an update, but now hasn’t been yet, is the work on changing/updating limits, for example.

However, I do understand the decision if you felt that compiling the updates was taking up too much time for the Curve team. I’m sure we all agree that whatever allows for new features to be brought to us fastest is best!