Curve Randomly Reset Asking for Passcode, now unable to access account

My curve app randomly asked for re-verification and so had to remove the email and request a magic link.

Problem is no magic link is being issued and is not being blocked by email filtering.
So now unable to get Curve card numbers and reward points are not being added and support have not responded.

If you’re having a major issue accessing your account and haven’t had reply from support and need in urgently (which as an investor you will so that you can access your card number!) then I would call support on the number on the back of your card.

Unfortunately the support number does not get printed on the black investor metal card, however luckily I had my old card still, so called it, but I could not be transferred to anyone as there isnt anyone available and gone back to the queue. So have an email request and phone call request. Lets see what happens.

Sorry to hear that - hope they get you sorted. Hadn’t realised they hadn’t printed the phone number on either!