Curve Receipt Wrong Time Stamp


on 31.07. at 01:04h I made a transaction/purchase. The app also says 01:04h and the e-mail with the receipt also arrived at 01:04h .

But the e-mail receipt contains the following

“Hello Markus,
You have made a purchase at Tier Mobility Gmbh
on July 31, 2020 “and now there’s a mistake” at 16:04:11”

Where did this +15 hours of misinformation come from?

iOS 13.6

iPhone 8

App version:
3.5.3 (4059)


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Good find! I’d send this to

@Curve_Marie @Curve_Ivo


an e-mail has been sent to

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Closed as the bug has been raised in the German section E-Mail Curve Receipt