Curve refunds & rewards- unfinished products!

My struggle with curve refunds continue spending lot of my valuable time chasing different banks involved which I never had to do in my banking experience before.

In this instance, PayPal refunded twice on 28th and 29th and refund made on 29th is visible in Curve as a refund and also processed to the underlying card.
Refund made on 28th is not visible in curve nor in the card and speaking to the support folks, they claim to have processed this already and asking me to chase my bank direct. Why should I do when I can’t see that refund in curve itself ? This is proving to be a menace.

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Off topic - another unfinished product is rewards!!
It’s been 2 years and any purchase made at BP fuel stations doesn’t automatically recognise and reward points, but we are expected to take snapshot of the bill and contact support each time. Wish we also get a share of the profits for doing someone else job!!


Almost 2 months I waiting for refund subscribs which one don’t have that was on Apple


The whole point of Curve is to simplify your finances, not to make things harder to track and harder to manage.

I was a keen advocate of Curve and a shareholder but the various issues with refunds on particular have meant I’ve stopped and started using the card on several occasions.

Just recently my wife had a refund reversed after 3 months as Curve processed it incorrectly.

Curve Support weren’t interested in my points about reliability and trust and just quoted the legal T&C’s. This is now with the ombudsman.

The bugs have been there for so long and the support team offer very little help when things go wrong.


I’m really sorry to hear that. Looks like I am not alone in this journey then. Releasing a product with bugs in OK (getting the market edge) as long as you can resolve them pretty quickly. They are clearly struggling and failing to understand how refunds work, and whatever we say doesn’t make any sense to them (because they don’t understand).

Unfortunately the product has a lot of unfinished stuffs…

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