Curve revenue count as Internet revenue?

Hi, I have a credit card which has separate transaction limits for Internet and offline (local retail) revenue. The curve transactions done in retail - do they count as Internet or offline revenue on target card?

Hello @Telephoneman,
When you use your Curve card and have a Visa or MasterCard as a funding card, the Merchant Category Code will be passed on. This means that the credit card you are referring to should be able to know what type of transaction you are making.

Hi @Curve_Marie,

I have a different experience. I have a Wirex-card (Visa) that gives me a cashback (in Bitcoin) on any in-store purchase. But when I pay in a store with Curve (with Wirex as underlying card), it shows up as an online purchase in my Wirex-account, so no cashback is given.
On a Dutch Mastercard I can earn ‘miles’ when I spend offline outside the Netherlands. But when I use my Curvecard in e.g. Belgium with this Dutch Mastercard as underlying card, I also do not get the miles since also on my Mastercard account the transaction shows up as online.

Yes that’s my question. So the forward charge is a online transaction and no offline transaction

In my case (for two different cards, a Mastercard and a Visa) the transactions always show up as an online purchase on the underlying card, also when the purchase was done in-store/offline! :disappointed:

Could you please clarify the question for me? Then I can investigate

This is how I believe Curve works, you essentially pay Curve the money through an ‘online transaction’ regardless of the location of the store. This is probably impossible to pass through 100% correct.

For the transactions I need my underlying card to know the correct location of I have to use the original card.

edit: this is how it always has worked for me anyway. I use Tandem credit card mostly with my Curve Card

I know this is how Curve works (now). When the dynamic MCC was introduced a couple of months back I asked customer support a question about this and I was told they were working on it to change this:

@Curve_Marie Could you maybe tell us about any progress on this matter?

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Yes that’s the point. the funding card is always charged from Curve London, nevermind if I used the curve for Online Shopping or used it for local retail store shopping. If you have a Mastercard as funding card and you register both with priceless specials of Mastercard you see in the list 2 transactions. a “swipe” or contactless transaction on curve and one Internet transaction from curve on the funding card. That usually OK, but if your funding card has dependencies (e.g. separate transaction limits for Online and offline Shopping, or you have mile programs where you get for online shopping other miles than offline shopping, or even you collect miles on specific Retailers) this will never correct work, as the charge is coming from curve London. I think this is per design. The only point where you might think about if its possible you can “imitate” the way of payment to funding card next to the MCC.

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There might have been an error in this transaction. Could you please send us a support message on the transaction you are referring to? You can locate it in the timeline and click the “Have a question about this transaction?”

I doubt that this is a matter of MCC - I am sure that this is beyond MCC and affects ALL transaction. MCC just says in which category of store you bought. But its not indicating wether online or card swipe/Contactless transaction.

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You’re right, it’s not a matter of MCC. In the payment process, Curve acts like an ecommerce merchant.

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That is also why I (and also customer support) do not consider the transaction handling as being an error. What customer support does say however is that Curve is working on changing (see tweet above) this (so charging offline transactions to the underlying card as offline transaction)! So I was wondering when this change will be realized.

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The MMC does not give an indicator on whether it’s an in-store or online purchase. For example: if you buy shoes from Adidas, they will use the same Merchant Category Code for the purchase in-store and online. My apologies if we did not get that right in the tweet.

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is it possible to send this information to target card like you do it with MCC? Then at least all offline purchases are done in a local store in London ^^

It is technically possible, however, it’s not on our Roadmap yet. Please do voice your idea here, there might be other customers who would like to make this possible as well :slight_smile:


yes please. my credit card has a lower internet limit than offline limit.


As Curve_Murie suggested I have created a topic for this in the Feedback and Ideas category. Click

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If this works it would be awesome. Currently have to carry my underlying card too for in case I shop at a partner merchant.

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Kind of the same here. Most of the time I even leave my Curve card at home, since I have one card that gives me cashback on In-Store purchases. A second card gives me reward points on foreign offline transactions, so for euro transactions outside the Netherlands (I visit Belgium quite often) I use my 2nd card. Only if I go on holiday outside the EU (non euro currency) I bring my Curve card and link it to a 3rd (cashback) card.