CURVE - Revolut issue

Hey guys,
are you aware of any new limitation of Curve with Revolut?
I just tried to recharge Revolut using Curve as I always done and I got a transaction denied.
I spoke with Revolut and they told me they never received the money and sent me a confirmation letter saying they received a “Declined - Do Not Honour (20005)” error.

At the same time, Curve charged my underlying card and I see the transaction as successful in the Curve app.

I need those money: in 2 days will be Christmas and the transaction was 1000 euros.
I already wrote the support and pinged them on Twitter.

But I’m afraid I won’t be able to get the money back anytime soon.

Do you have any idea?
Do you think that if I would start my Metal subscription again that could speed it up a bit?

When I contacted Revolut, they asked me to try with a smaller amount, so I tried 10 euros. That has been denied as well.
Now the 10 euro status changed on Curve and instead of been finalised, the transaction is marked as ‘denied’.
The 1000 euro transaction, however. is still finalised.

*** SMALL UPDATE 2 ***
Looks like the problem is generalised. There has been a tweet now from Curve:

We’re aware that some customers are currently experiencing payment declines. We’re looking into this now and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

That relieves me a bit: if it is a generalised problem it will probably be sorted sooner.
What still worries me is that the 1000 euro transaction is still marked as finalised…

I’m now starting to worry a bit. The 1000 transaction is not marked as declined yet…

See the reply in: [Resolved 13:03] Problem with payment - #29 by Dann
I suppose it is the same problem and, hopefully, you should see “refund” of the transaction in upcoming days.


Thank you very much! I replied them there!