Hi, I’m new in this community. I was wondering if, with an use of revolut standard card in the Curve app (blue account), it was possibile to overcome the limit of 200 pounds of max withdrawal in a foreign country…

For example, I’m Italian, so I usually set euros as currency both in revolut and in curve, but, if I travel to USA, and I set the currency on the curve app in USD, can I overcome the limit, and withdraw 10 times per month without paying fees?

Do I have to set the USD currency also on the revolut app?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Revolut doesn’t count withdrawals using Curve for their monthly allowance. Of course, try it at your own risk and maybe start with a low amount to be sure

Curve ha determinati limiti di utilizzo per i nuovi utenti. Mano a mano che utilizzi regolarmente la carta andrai a incrementare il tuo tetto di spending e, come suggerisce @megamaster, potrai superare il limite sul prelievo imposto da Revolut senza costi aggiuntivi, al momento le transazioni passate con Curve sono contabilizzate come pagamenti online… Almeno fino al momento in cui Revolut deciderà di introdurre delle fee e fine dei giochi. :slight_smile:

Su Revolut non hai da impostare nessuna valuta per effettuare pagamenti e prelievi. Se non converti della valuta in USD in anticipo, la somma necessaria verrà convertita istantaneamente dal tuo conto EUR al momento della transazione.


Curve requires newbies to start with some restraints on spending limits. As you keep spending with your Curve card and you start to build up a spending history, these restraints will be lifted in due time, eventually. Soon you will be able to withdraw cash for free well over Revolut’s fee-free limit as @megamaster suggested, right now Curve transactions are logged as online payments.
Well, that’s true until Revolut decides that you will no longer be able to do that for free. :slight_smile:

You don’t need to do any of that on your Revolut account. If you don’t have enough funds available on your US dollar balance at the time of the transaction, Revolut will automatically exchange the currency it needs from your balance in Euros on the fly.

If you can get it then starling is a good shout as they dont have limits with withdrawing cash at atm

have just added my Revolut card to my Curve app and I have been charged twice - is this part of the process?