Curve reward offer issues

I’m having to clear the curve apps cache daily to receive reward offers, also if I have an active reward for example with ‘5 days remaining’ I have to clear cache again the next day for it to change to 4days

Anybody else experiencing this?

Tried clear data, uninstall too, same issue


When I try to activate rewards in the Android app, I get “There was an error! Please try again”

Thank you for the tip on clearing the cache, though. That seems to have fixed it. I’ll report back if it comes back.

I’ve started suffering from this. ‘expired’ rewards don’t disappear from the ‘active’ tab and unable to activate new rewards.

As you say clearing the app cache sorts it all out (for a bit).

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Unfortunately yes every morning I have to clear cache to check if new offers have arrived or to clear my expired or expiring offers…

At least I’m not the only one experience this now

Unfortunately still experiencing this issue

Thanks for this feedback, I’ve now moved this topic to the ‘Bug Report’ category and have added this to the internal Community feedback tracker so our engineering team can investigate these issues in more depth.


Great news thanks!

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Curve app is working as it should now, no more clearing cache, offers are counting down/expiring again and I’m receiving rewards as normal, hopefully it continues to behave :slightly_smiling_face: