Curve Rewards is here!

Curve Rewards is here!

We’re excited to announce our new feature Curve Rewards in partnership with Cardlytics! Curve Rewards is available in the UK at the moment but we’re working to bring it to Europe as soon as possible.

Our new rewards programme has supercharged Curve’s existing cashback offering from 1% to up to a massive 20%. You can now earn Curve cash when you spend, whether that’s shopping online for a new outfit for the weekend, or out for dinner with friends.

Hit ‘Rewards’ and you’ll find new offers of up to 20% cashback from hundreds of your favourite brands. Built on Cardlytics’ real-time purchase intelligence data, the cashback offers available will be tailored around your everyday spending habits. We’re talking Pret, Five Guys, Harvey Nichols, Kate Spade, and Cult Beauty, to name but a few.

How Rewards work

  1. Use your Curve card three times to unlock your offers.
  2. Find the offer you like - just tap it to activate it.
  3. Your cashback will arrive on your Curve Cash card 21 days after it’s confirmed that your transaction met the necessary criteria.

We’ll remind you when your activated offers are about to expire. But don’t worry, there are always plenty to be making the most of.

Double up.

This is a whole new way to earn cashback that sits besides 1% cashback. So if you see an offer from Pret that you like the sound of but already have Pret as one of your 1% cashback retailers, lucky you! Because you can double up - making the most of the Rewards offer and getting your 1% cashback on top!


1% cashback will be moving to its new home in the Rewards tab. It hasn’t made it there quite yet, but as soon as it has, you’ll be able to see all of your cashback deals in one place.


3% cashback

Noticed the old 3% cashback on Nero didn’t trigger for me today. Have you been making changes without letting customers know again?

The old page that describes the 3% cashback has been replaced with this new rewards scheme. so … are you just pretending the old scheme never existed? (Managed to find the cached version on Google search)

This is getting rather frustrating.

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Hey @Bentoni! Our old rewards scheme is still in place and you won’t be removed from it without asking our support team or changing your subscription tier.

However, our retailer lists can change so make sure to check which retailers are still on the list here - Curve - Beyond Banking App & Card

If you haven’t received cashback for a retailer you were meant to then pop a message to our support team and they can check it for you!

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I hope it will be available soon in Italy. I can’t wait to try this feature.


You understand that this happening once and again will eventually make non-UK customers tired of waiting?

I get it’s easier to set it first for the UK, but the gap between UK and non-UK advantages is increasing and not decreasing.


I read this with increasing excitement until I came to the last paragraph which stated that it’s UK only for now.

How about you make it clear if an announcement is for a certain country only?

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I’ve had no offers for a couple of days now despite using my card 5/10 times

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Hi @JesusM thanks for your feedback! I completely understand this but want to assure you that our team are working on bringing all features to Europe too. I’ll pass your comment on to our Product team regardless.

@DunLaoghaire Sorry for not making this clear, I’ve moved this to the top of the announcement now.

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This is good news, but I am only seeing 19 offers? Is this correct?

@Dann - Same here. Used Curve multiple times over the last few days

‘only 19’? Most people have far fewer than that :slight_smile: I’ve got 12 myself, looks like @Dann has 0!


To add to what @JesusM said: I would like for the team to understand how alienated and mistreated we European customers can feel.

Since I joined Curve in July 2020, UK customers have received amazing features Bank Balances, Credit, and Rewards, while us on the other side of the Channel have basically only received the Anti-Embarrassment feature in the entire year.

We pay the same amount of money in our local currency for your premium plans, but the value we get out of it is significantly less than our UK brethren, even on their free plan depending on what you value most about Curve.

I believe in Curve and I think that your product is an incredible idea and value proposition with all its features, but we can’t help but feel like second-rate customers when all of the interesting new features are only for a small subset of customers (particularly Balances, which I feel has no reason to be limited as I’m quite positive that Plaid supports most if not all PS2D-compliant European institutions) while we wait and wait without updates for them to drop on our side.

Of course, it’d feel selfish asking you to delay a UK release until you can do a global release of your new features, and I know that releasing it to a smaller audience for testing is useful for QA of the product. But I’d ask at least for timelines and updates on how the release progress goes for us in the other side, so that at least we can feel that we’ve not been completely forgotten.


I fully agree. Are European citizens forgotten?

More worrying for me was the lack of communication from curve once again I’ve had curve rewards on my account from at least the the 3rd of may. A small blog (headforpoints) announced and discussed curve rewards on the 3rd of may before curve could be bothered to post this announcement on its own forum. This is why people complain about curves communication!

I don’t have Curve Rewards and my Amazon cashback has stopped? Is this a co-incidence?

Don’t worry, more than half of them are for places I couldn’t afford unless I was on a six-figure salary!! :grimacing::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: