Curve Rewards is here!

Something like that done by Airtime Rewards UK?
No need for activation

I can see why they don’t do it from a business perspective… if someone doesn’t activate the offer then they don’t have to pay out the cashback…

I had thought this, always a little catch to something eh!

Can I suggest a one click add to card button on the list of offers within the rewards section

This would also help to differentiate between those that you need to add and those that you need to click through before online/in app purchase.

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After Germany now Poland and Ireland have been added:


And now Sweden and Romania!


Suggestion to Curve

Can we please get some more food & drink rewards in this. I’ve seen Harvester and Pizza Express are available, but more of these sorts of places would be good!

In my opinion there’s around 85% of retailers that are online-based only, of which 70% of those I’ve never heard of and very little in the way of rewards for being out and about. For example, would be good to go Cineworld to see a film and the across to a restaurant for a meal after and earn cash back for both. Need more of this.


I always laugh at the rewards I see on my screen.


New country: Hungary

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Is it still allowed for everyone to make that joke? I thought by now only Dads were allowed to make it. :wink:

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Why Uber rewards disappeared in Poland? Now they are kinda useless :frowning:

I still have Uber and Uber Eats in Rewards tab.

This is wired I have a flash off all offers and now I got only two (Apetete PL and Pyszne PL) rest are gone

I don’t even mention that as Polish user I need to use app in English which is fundamental fuckup of a lot of companies thinking that going to the market without translation to native language is good idea.

Hum, why Portugal is missing when Spain/France/Italy is included?

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Interesting question.

Hmm, why Czech Republic and Slovakia is missing when Poland/Hungary is included? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Question @Curve_Joel - should we be seeing the rewards of the country we’re in? ie. what if I travel from the UK to Hungary? Should I now be able to take advantage of the Hungary rewards?

Yeah in Croatia this thing would be nice to have…


what about Austria, it’s not working there yet since you can select some Austrian merchants?