Curve Rewards is here!

I have the following showing in my app.

Sadly, nothing close to the headline ‘upto 20%’ and several retailers I have never heard of or would not use…


I agree with you that we can’t ask for a delay of the UK launch of a new feature, until going global. And I also agree with you on better communication on timelines and progress.

But as all the features you mention are UK only and there were even more UK first Curve features in the past, I think we can ask for Curve to pick another pilot market, instead of the UK, for their next new feature. As I am not selfish either :slightly_smiling_face: I suggest Spain :wink: as the first non-UK pilot market for the next to be released Curve feature. In this way Curve would still comply with “releasing it to a smaller audience for testing is useful for QA of the product”.

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I don’t see any rewards tab on my account. Do CBL customers not get this?

I have exactly the same retailers and the same thoughts.


All my Curve rewards are useless to me. The only potentially useful ones are Selfdriges and Harvey Nichols, at both of which I have already bought hundreds of pounds of gift cards using Amex’s frequent offers of spend £100 get £30 back. Amex’s 30% is a lot more attractive then Curve’s 5%.


If this is the list, I hope some stores will be added that are also available in Italy. :exploding_head:

It does make me wonder how these new features will be launched once Cruve is live in North America. Will they get priority over the EU?
It seems to me as EU does not have any dedicated offices or staff so these features take time, whereas the UK and USA have and will have this attention.
Just my 1 cents worth

Hey guys,

Thank you all for your feedback, I’m taking note of all comments and sharing with the relevant teams.

Most of the offers that are currently available in the app are welcome offers that we’re staring out with. More offers / retailers will be added over time.

Hi @Wob this was a soft launch which is why you saw it in your app before we made an official announcement. Curve Beta customers were also testing it and providing feedback before this.

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As elsewhere on this forum, I received an invitation to it. But there is no rewards tab in my version of the app.

Yes, I have the latest version (I checked). Yes, I live in the UK.

Curve’s only solution appears that I delete and reinstall (and manually add in all the cards again) the app, even though it’s the latest version. I’m not going to do that just for a few pence of reward.

Not just CBL customers. Me as well. Apparently you need to delete and reinstall the app and manually add the cards back in.

Sounds like someone at Curve is just guessing rather than investigating what is actually happening.

Thanks for your reply, that does help clear up what happened in terms of how this was rolled out.

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What cards are you talking about? :open_mouth: I really don’t need to add my underlying cards again to Curve when I reinstall Curve app (e.g. when changing my phone). :deaf_man: They are stored in the cloud… :cloud:

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Lucky you. Didn’t work like that for me

Well it’s all Cardalytics.

Who are Cardalytics?
It’s basically an affiliate marketing firm that gets retailers to pay for customers based on their baking transaction behaviour.

What do Cardalytics do - is it good for the customer
Essentially it’s a reward platform (similar to Amex - but that’s in-house made). This is a “white labelled” product that Lloyds group, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, etc brand slap on to their platforms.

Is it good?
Well generally brands that are performing… well they don’t really spend marketing money unnecessarily. If the product is strong, a fair price or gives good service then why invest in an expensive platform to attract customers by cutting prices? Hence, why a lot of the banks (listed above) have offers for struggling brands like certain petrol stations brand and utilities companies that have products that just aren’t competitive (over priced, bad service, etc). So no IMHO.

Why is this happening
It’s an additional revenue stream for Curve.

But that’s ok isn’t it?
Well, depends if you think allowing Curve to monetise your open banking access and curve fronted transactional data is acceptable? Especially if your paying a subscription on top too.

So am I getting a good “reward” or just being prompted to change my shopping behaviour for a retailer/hospitality/airline etc benefit
The brand in difficulty that wants to to flog its product/service contacts Cardalytics. Then based on the merchants strategy they devise a programme to show you brands that you’re not using (or enough of). They do this by using transaction data signals like shopping with a competitor or being in certain demographic. Luxury brands like Selfridges wont want to pay to promote itself to Curve members that are on the lower end of the income/expenditure. They want new high value customers.

How’s that done?
Crunching data, while making a tidy profit for Cardlytics and the bank as it’s at the upper tier of advertising costs. Meanwhile these banks up until now have been moonlighting and showing off these “reward programmes” as if their own programmes. So there’s a bit of credit that Curve has been transparent is processing our data.

Is this allowed?
Sure. You saw the recent T&Cs update. Plus unlike affiliate marketing that use 3rd party cookies this all uses the banking Merchant ID and transaction data. So it’s all totally anonymous and GDPR complaint.

Why do I see the “rewards” I see? How are they being selected?
Each user will fall into a segment (a group of similar people) for a strategy. Curve has nicely spun this as helping you to save money. But ultimately they get a nice cut of the profit.

Here’s some example strategies
An acquisition strategy would be if I was a Sainsbury’s marketing manager I would say to Cardalytics I’ll pay you £xxxk to reach xxxk Morrison’s customers to offer them a 10% cashback offer to get them to switch to my brand.

A retention strategy a customer spends £20 at my department store but £45 at Amazon. I want to grow my switch spends and increase loyalty so the customer spend less with Amazon and more with my department store. I’ll pay Cardalytics £xxxk to target xxxk Amazon customers and offer equal prices with promotions.

A churn strategy example could be if I was a clothes retailer and I will pay to have xxxk customers that hadn’t purchased from any of my shops or website for over 12 months I’ll give them a free delivery pass.

Part of that cost from the brands marketing team goes to Cardalytics as they process all the transactions and merchants ID and provide a platform. And Curve make cut of the profit,

Essentially your open banking data and transactional data going through Curve is being monetised. And you’re paying a subscription cost onto too.

Oh dear.

To sum it up
There’s a lot privacy regulations that are coming into full effect after several years; GDPR, CCPA and now by Apple leading the charge on privacy with iOS14.5. This anonymised data carves right through that.

But ultimately this is a matter of Data Ethics, something that will become much bigger in the future as people become more aware of the value of their data and how it’s being exploited. I’ve been fortunate to hear from experts data ethics experts like Professor Luciano Floridi in this field. Yes, all companies should be privacy complaint… but to earn the true trust and loyalty of customer transparency and ethics of data usage is key.

This needs to be a bit of the watch out for Curve. I’m not sure if the brand cache, commercial and customer centric balance is correct. There’s a lot of emerging fintechs out there which are watching each of the bumps in the road curve has encountered and if it’s not careful will produce a slicker product which generates sufficient profit from the foundations up… rather then these “bolt ons”


There is absolutely nothing in the rewards that is of any use to me at all . Most of the shops I’ve never heard of let alone use .

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List seems to be different for everyone. For me I have many 20% rewards. And even 25% kindle.

Is it the best set of offers - perhaps not so far. But regardless a nice new feature thank you!

This issue is affecting loads of UK curve users. No rewards tab for me either. All these nonsense replies saying “try reinstating your app” or “you must be set to non UK” really wind me up.

Me, numerous friends and family all having the same issue as are users above in this thread. Latest android Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus 5g. Latest curve app.

Feature not there look!!!

For 2 or 3 days I had the tab on my Android, but not my iPhone, then, out of the blue, without reinstalling the app or restarting the phone, it just appeared in my Curve app.

The people doing social media are not the techies, and are just winging it.

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Same here - Sunday Times Wine Club ? Fatface ? Not a SINGLE place have I ever shopped at before.

The strange thing is, it is identical to the list of rewards (albeit slightly less generous) on my Santander Everyday Account. I strongly suspect we all have very similar offerings, and they’ve struck deals with a very small amount of traders.