Curve Rewards is here!

Thats cos it’s a marketing tool rather than a genuine customer centric value add proposition. It’s there to allow brands to try and change your shopping behaviour rather than actually “reward” you. If that makes sense. I’ve written about it above.

For anyone with no brand that means you’re really not valued :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It’s going to make Curve a bit of money. And allow them to say they have new feature.

are any of you Samsung Curve users out of interest? They have replied saying Samsung Curve users will be getting this feature from 17th May… might explain it as I am a Samsung Curve user.

However my wife isn’t and hers doesn’t show the rewards tab either…:thinking:

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Yes, me, although it appeared on my phone without restart or update ages ahead of my iPhone. Nothing actually worth using, mind, but then I didn’t really expect anything

Sorry if I’ve missed anything, but will these new rewards replace those who are on the Legacy Curve Rewards scheme?

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Had this email today…

Rewards tab now visible.

I do wonder if Curve and Samsung Pay aren’t exactly sure on what is released when with each other. Curve have been asking me to delete and reinstall the app for weeks, it made no difference.

Hi Liam,

As we continue to grow and introduce new features, our terms need to grow and adapt too. So we’re writing to let you know that we’re making some changes to our Samsung Pay+ terms and our Curve Cash terms.

We’re introducing Curve Rewards. Our new Rewards programme lets you earn cashback for spending with Samsung Pay+ at retailers you love. We’ll present individual offers to you in the Curve app and pay the cashback to your Curve Cash card.

We’re retiring 1% cashback through Curve Cash. To coincide with the launch of Curve Rewards, we’re ending our 1% Curve Cash cashback offer. From [17 July 2021](calendar:T2:17 July 2021), you’ll no longer be able to enrol in our 90 day introductory offer for 1% cashback through Curve Cash. Your entitlement to earn 5% cashback on purchases at is unaffected.

We’ve clarified the wording of Curve Cash. There have been no changes to the way Curve Cash works. We’ve just made it easier for you to understand what it is and how it works, including in relation to our new Curve Rewards feature.

We’re asking you to keep the Curve app up to date. We make important information available to you via the Curve app, and the security of the app depends on it being up to date, so it’s vital that you update it as soon as updates become available.

Violation of our Fair Use Policy. We’ve included violation of our Fair Use Policy as one of the express reasons why we might immediately suspend or close your Curve account. While this has always been the case, we wanted to make this clearer.

The changes outlined above won’t apply until 60 days from the date of this email.

What do I need to do now?

If you don’t tell us otherwise within 60 days of the date of this email, we’ll simply assume you accept and are happy with the changes we’ve made.

If you’re unhappy with the changes we’ve made, you can close your account before the changes come into effect (and there’s no fee for doing so). Please get in touch and we’ll take it from there.

Yes, I’m on Samsung Pay+ too and my rewards page has just appeared (with no reinstalling required).

The removal of the 90 day 1% cash offer is a shame. The new rewards scheme doesn’t (yet at least) seem to be a good replacement.

Incidentally, are you able to find your referral code in the Curve app? I would like to refer people but cannot find it - it just opens my settings page and there is no referral option there.

No not now, can’t find a referral option.

It’s s shame we have had so much hassle with this rewards thing, you would think Curve advisors would be updated on what features are what and when they are released for Curve and indeed Samsung Curve.

Rather than the generic “try uninstalling and reinstalling…” :roll_eyes:

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Hello, any news about this Rewards program for European users?
Will it be some weeks, months, … ? Can we expect this rather exciting feature very soon? Or not?
A clear answer would be very much welcome :smiley:


Hi there,

Can i still use this even though I’m on the old rewards program?

I like the new rewards program but how about adding some rewards we’ve actually heard of.


Hey @Pagemakers, cheers for the feedback! Would you mind sharing what some good merchants for your area might be? Then I can pass this feedback to our product team for you.

Hello, what about Europe? Any schedule? Thanks


Hi Joel,

I just mean countrywide companies most people would use. Eg

John Lewis
Etc etc

I have Pact Coffee, Hussle, Dobbies and a host of others I’ve never even heard of.


Co-Op are definitely on the list already, as are Argos & John Lewis?

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Different users must have different offers because I don’t have those.

I’m not talking about the 1% cashback but the new rewards program.

No Curve rewards scheme in Europe yet unfortunately … Have a good day

@flyingdad - We are waiting for it in Italy :sweat_smile:

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