Curve Rewards is here!

Ah OK - sorry. I’ve had some of them come up for offers but not the same as the 1% ones. They seem more similar to MBNA/Lloyds/Halifax/Virgin offer retailers if you have any of those cards.

Just checking.

Does my Legacy, Black Curve card continue to have the original discounts on the orignal list of stores and also the discounts listed on the Rewards tab in the app?

Great news - Rewards has started making its way into Europe :fr: :es: :it:

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Can I suggest a change with this product? Is there by any chance you can just automatically apply the discount when a purchase has been made? It’s time consuming to sit picking out, selecting to your account etc the one you want to use? I don’t see why that process has to happen if I am honest. Keep the screen to show ‘what is currently active/live’ but then apply once the transaction has taken place? I don’t always have time to check beforehand or whatever. If that makes sense?

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Something like that done by Airtime Rewards UK?
No need for activation

I can see why they don’t do it from a business perspective… if someone doesn’t activate the offer then they don’t have to pay out the cashback…

I had thought this, always a little catch to something eh!

Can I suggest a one click add to card button on the list of offers within the rewards section

This would also help to differentiate between those that you need to add and those that you need to click through before online/in app purchase.

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After Germany now Poland and Ireland have been added:


And now Sweden and Romania!

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