Curve Rewards is here!

Hmm, why Czech Republic and Slovakia is missing when Poland/Hungary is included? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Question @Curve_Joel - should we be seeing the rewards of the country we’re in? ie. what if I travel from the UK to Hungary? Should I now be able to take advantage of the Hungary rewards?

Yeah in Croatia this thing would be nice to have…


what about Austria, it’s not working there yet since you can select some Austrian merchants?

When will be the rewards available in Belgium?

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Hey @LD, we don’t have a roadmap available for which countries will get Rewards next but I’ll let you know as soon as this information is available and can be announced! :grin:


Heads up to those who use the rewards. Don’t assume you will get the points from USING your Curve card to make the payment. Made a trip to fill up at an Esso as they were on the rewards for 5% back (from memory) back in November to find out this from Customer Services (below).

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Thanks for your feedback on this @JoshuaBoots, I’ll pass this on so that we can improve the terms and conditions for these rewards for future usage.

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Thanks @Curve_Joel ! I appreciate I must be driving you up the wall on here at the moment!

Not at all, it shows you’re passionate about Curve and maintaining accountability with this sort of feedback is very important! :muscle:

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