Curve Rewards Link broken

I’ve just updated the app to the latest iOS version and the CURVE REWARDS link no longer works. Clicking it does nothing. Re-booting the app does not fix it.

Hey, Sorry to hear that. Please can you send an email to support@curveapp with a screenshot of what you are seeing in the app? A member of the support team will then look into this further for you :slightly_smiling_face:

OK I’ll give it a go. Thanks.

There is no screenshot to send. The Curve Rewards button on the Connect tab no longer works

Email sent to support. Support query raised in app.

2 days. Nothing.

Still nothing.

Hey, Sorry there was a delay in responding to your support query. As a Curve Rewards customer the link in the app won’t open the list of retailers, this feature is for customers on the Curve Cash rewards program so they can select their retailers. You can follow this link which will give you the full list of retailers you can earn rewards from as a customer on Curve Rewards, you can also find the percentages of cashback available at each retailer, hope this helps :blush:


Thanks for the explanation.

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I don’t understand the logic in removing the link. I’ve used the Curve (free) card for months and have always been able to view the list, and now I can’t. Ridiculous decision.

Hi @Stevescat,
Thank you for contacting us and welcome to our forum!
Please can you let us know what is the version of the Curve app on your phone?
Thanks, Tino.

Hi Tino,

Thanks for responding.

My Curve app is version for iOS.


Thank you Steve,
it appears that we have a bug on the connect screen :bug:

Sorry about that, I’ve advised the development team.

In the meantime, you can still view the list of merchants by going to:
Wallet >> menu icon in the top left >> Instant cashback

Thanks, Tino.

It’s not a bug. I was told by Curve the link is removed and only Curve Cash displays. For Rewards you need to know where to hunt for the info.

Ah, thanks for the workaround. It’s 20 days since I posted about the broken link and it remains broken.

I don’t think that’s ever going to be fixed. Their priority is improving Curve Cash and non-Legacy subscriptions.

So the logic here is:

Curve Rewards customers can no longer click on Curve Rewards and see the original list of retailers attracting Curve Rewards.

Curve Cash customers have to click on Curve Rewards in order to see and interact with their list of retailers supporting Curve Cash.

Don’t people working for Curve feel a little foolish when reading that?!