Curve Rewards programme issue with red investor cards

There is a big issue here and no one at customer support will help and keep denying that an issue exists, but it clearly does and it needs sorting immediately.

Myself and my wife have used two of reward retailer partners at different locations (Boots & Wilko) on more than one occasion and each time the 3% cashback has not been added to Curve Cash until we email support to have it added manually.

When we query that there must be an issue with the Curve Rewards Programme not linked with the red investor cards, we get told…“Unfortunately, we don’t have much control over the names that our merchants use when processing transactions. This is why our system occasionally misses a cashback worthy transaction.”

This is happening at more than one retailer and at retailers we have used many times without an issue in the past.

Please can someone at Curve take a look into this issue and report back because it’s getting frustrating having to email support every time we visit a cashback retailer to get the 3% cashback applied.

Thank you in anticipation.

I’m having the same issues as well. Has this been looked into?

Same here.

@Curve_Marie can you please help?

Hey guys, sorry for missing this post!

First, our support team are right in saying that the name of the merchants terminal is often the main reason why points aren’t applied correctly, so this may still be the reason for some merchants. However, we’ve noticed this happening a lot more recently and have raised it with out engineers who are working on it at the moment.

In the meantime, unfortunately the only work around is to contact our team to apply the points manually for you.

When is this cashback issue going to be sorted? I’m fed up with having to email the support team every time to get the 3% cashback added and have them tell me that from time to time this sometimes happens…No it’s broke so it always happens!!! :rage:

It has been working fine for me since the beginning of June.

Not for me. Can someone at Curve please assist??

Contact the customer service.

Yeah right. Unfortunately Customer Support is totally useless, as I previously mentioned by giving an example of the sort of reply I receive!!

Apologies for asking, but how do you get 3% at Wilko/Boots, are you a legacy black user?

No need to apologise, Bradley, but yes I am.

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Thanks for the confirmation! :relieved:

Having the same issue as well, the reward stopped tracking, and I had to manually submit request in bulk.

I feel like they are trying to get rid of us users with the legacy plan…

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It is been happening to me since April 2020. I missed to realize it for this long.

You’d better get busy claiming back then!

Hello guys. Has anyone else been having issues with their 1,5% cashback at Argos and the likes? I’m an original customer, prior to 2017 and therefore attract the Curve Blue 1.5% cashback. However for around 6 months, my purchase on Curve at Argos (normal high street or online, not within Sainsburys etc) haven’t automatically tracked.

Totally aware I can drop customer services an email and wait 17 working weeks for a reply, but wondered why the system is no longer picking up on these transactions and adding the cashback into my wallet?

I can see at least 1 other person with this issue when I’ve searched ‘Argos’ so would be interested in Curve learning this issue. Or have they just given up on us original customers?

TIA! :heart: