Curve Rewards - Remove Non Existant Retailers

I signed up for metal and today I selected my retailers for my curve rewards. I noticed at least two retailers that don’t exist anymore, both of these ceased trading last year. They are Virgin Trains and Mothercare. It doesn’t set the most professional image to still show these as available and I hope curve will allow those who currently have these selected to switch to another retailer.


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This is such a valid point! I’m going to loop @Curve_Ivo in to see if there’s anything going on with this!


Hi @smc,

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Thank you for bringing this to my attention; you’re feedback is completely fair and we’ll need to get this sorted ASAP :grinning:

I will pass your message onto the respective Curve team, so that they are made aware of this issue. If customers have previously selected one of the now defunct retailers, our support team will be able to help them reset and update their retailers.

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