Curve Rewards spending is back

Over the past two weeks, you were able to earn Curve Rewards points but you weren’t able to spend them. We apologise for this. This is because we had to replace part of our systems - our entire Transaction Processing Engine - to be compatible with Amex and to enable future features. It took us longer than expected to integrate it with Curve Rewards.

The functionality to spend Curve Rewards has now fully returned to the Curve App. Please update your Curve App to access it.

A reminder of how you can earn Curve Reward points

  • New Curve customers can earn Curve Rewards points as an introductory 1% cashback offer at a selection of retailers for 90 days after activating their first Curve card.
  • When spending at your chosen retailers, you’ll get Curve Rewards points added instantly onto your Curve Rewards card. You can use them to make purchases anywhere where you’d normally use your Curve card, with the exception of ATMs.
  • You can also earn 500 Curve Rewards points for referring a friend via the main menu of the Curve App.
  • There’s no time limit to spend the Curve Rewards points accrued in your wallet, as they do not expire.

FAQs - Your Cashback or Reward programme


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Even with the latest app update, rewards are not back for me.

Could you give a screenshot?

On Android should look like this:

And just to be certain, what is back is the spending. This does not say anything about the earning!

Thanks for reply. See here.

Which OS are you on (Android or iOS) and on what App version?

IOS… weird… uIt looked as though the app had updated on the App Store, as Open was the only option, so I thought app had updated. However, It just showed update, and this has worked, so for some reason it was not the right version. Thanks for help - all good!

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@Curve_Marie is there any thread to discuss/propose some retailers to add in the future as cashbackretailers? Thanks

Not yet @ebretteville :smile: