Curve Rewards tab purchase confirmation

I looked for any other topic already created and couldn’t find anything. I am referencing this Curve Rewards is here! where you can find a list of retailers. I have asked support but unfortunately they thought I was talking about Curve Rewards, but as I am a Curve Blue I do not get them.

I made two purchases after activating the offer, but there was no confirmation. The offer simply disappeared from the active tab. Is this expected? I was expecting it to be listed as “tracked” somewhere. I know there is a ~20 day wait but it would be nice if there were some confirmation!

Hey @Atlas, welcome to the Curve community!

Sorry to hear that our support team were confused by this. Once activated you should be able to see these offers in the Rewards tab of the Curve app by tapping ‘Active’ at the top right. If this function isn’t working correctly for you then it’s possible you’ve experienced a bug and I’d recommend getting back in touch with the support team and providing screenshots of the issue so they won’t misunderstand the context again!

Hey @Social_Joel

The offer does appear active and disappears sometime after I made the transaction, is the latter the confirmation?

Many cashback websites have a definitive “tracked” and “confirmed” because they often do not track properly. Perhaps because of the non-dependence on cookies it is not as applicable. I did expect a quiet notification, however.

Having used many cashback websites I am sceptical when I made a transaction it will be recognised. Perhaps when I finally receive the Curve Rewards it will settle my mind.

Hope this makes more sense.

Just noticed the star icon in the rewards tab and both my transactions are confirmed! I love it!

Thanks for updating and sorry for missing your previous message @Atlas, I’m glad to see you figured this out by yourself first! :raised_hands:

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