Curve Roulette

So my mates and I have invented a fun drinking game. We all have curve cards. Stand at the bar, put all your phones out in a line. Hand a pile of identical curve cards to the bar staff and tell them to pick a card and pay with contactless with it. We all then stand and stare at the line of phones and see which one gets the notification. Maybe it’s just us but it made for some entertainment in the pub last night :joy:


I gotta try this :joy:

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Less fun if notifications aren’t working!

And you are also not able to split the bill with Curve, yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unless you are all connected to identical underlying cars!

Less dangerous than Russkaya Ruletka. :slight_smile:
I do it alone, i always win…:slight_smile:

Now there’s a better way of deciding who’s round it is!

Have to try this - sounds like a great night out :clap::smiley:


Sounds like a laugh a minute.

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