Curve’s $55M Series B marks the beginning of a new era in banking

Curve’s $55M Series B marks the beginning of a new era in banking

Today is a momentous day at Curve. We’ve just reached another milestone recognising our success, and getting us one step closer to achieving our mission of bringing Banking to the cloud.

And of course, we couldn’t have done this without you – our early adopters. We’d like to thank each and every one of you for joining us at the nascence of our mission to simplify and unify the way you spend, send, see and save your money. Our growth and success has been driven thanks to you. Your support. Your input. Your love. You have been the pulsating heart of Curve. And for that, we are forever grateful.

In fact, 85% of our growth has come from word of mouth. You, our community. Please don’t stop talking about Curve to your friends and family, pointing out all the tiny improvements that together give you a significantly better experience – that allow you to control your financial life so you can go out and live your best life.

Read the full announcement here:

We have more than 50 open roles, and we look to grow the team from 150 people to 250 people by the end of the year, across our London and Bristol offices. If you know anyone who may be a good fit for one of the roles published on our careers page, please send them to us. We pay a referral fee of £500 for every successful recruit.


Congrats all, huge news :muscle:

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What id really like to see how Curve actually makes money. AFAIK interchange fee for Curve debit issued cards is very low, and merchant fee to charge card is higher than the fee Curve makes. Even more expensive when underlying card is commercial but Curve is only consumer



Will there ever be a way for users to invest in Curve? Like through Seeders or Crowdcube?


What if I offer a self referral? :thinking::smirk:

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Curve typically issues commercial cards for bigger spenders AFAIK, which aren’t subject to these interchange fee caps.

I think if you had an underlying commercial card Curve would do some magic and send you a commercial card without asking you.

Subscription fee, interchange on debit/credit assuming a Curve Commercial card.

I reckon they’re running at a hefty overall loss though as they’re mainly trying to gain customers and work on things to attract users like P2P payments (which I’d really like if it refunded straight to the underlying card and had some sort of guarantee that Curve would help chase money sentence to the wrong person)

They might also be picking up a few pennies from featured merchants for integrations perhaps, but this isn’t likely as of now.

I would like further insight into their revenue streams though tbh - I think they could do quite well with making their own payment processor and selling that white label to gain some B2B revenue. If they can offer a system that’s incredibly resilient when it fails and restarts itself and could have simultaneous versions (old deployment and new one pushed without downtime) (I know some Fintech like Dozens and Curve have regular downtime due to maintenance by their payment processor) I reckon we could have a money maker here.