Curve said that I have a company card

I just got an Email from Curve:

We’ve noticed that you currently have one or more company cards added to your personal Curve account and that you’re on our standard (free) card tier.

This combination means increased transaction costs for both us and for you! Because of this, we don’t support company cards on personal Curve accounts in our terms and conditions and we will be removing all company cards from personal Curve accounts from 30/9/22.

But, I don’t have any company card. Why Curve think that?

I also received this email. I don’t have a corporate card either.

I think that some credit cards are incorrectly identified as company cards by the system.

Amazon also said that I had a company card and asked me to register a business account.

But, my credit card was issued directly by a very big bank. It’s impossible to be a company card.

So, anyone knows how to check if a card is a company card? I don’t think it can be done by the card number.

Maybe ask your bank to issue statement about your card type.

Anyone can apply the card directly from the bank.
The card doesn’t bound to any company.