Curve + Santander 123 Credit Card

Hey all

Curious to hear if anyone uses Curve with a Santander 123 Credit card (from the UK)? The card already gives you cashback + doesn’t charge a fee for using it abroad. Has anyone found Curve to still be beneficial in this case?


I don’t have the Santander 123 Credit Card but just like this card I have a Visa Card that gives cashback and doesn’t charge a fee for using it abroad.

Quite similar to the Santander 123 Credit Card that uses the MasterCard rate (had to check this) this card uses the Visa Rate. I found that on weekdays almost always Curve offers a better conversion rate (wholesale/interbank rate) than the MasterCard or Visa rate. That is why I still use Curve (on weekdays) with this Visa card selected as underlying card when I am abroad (in a non € country).

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Aside from small exchange rate differences, the obvious benefits are the ability to “go back in time”, to only need to carry one card (although I always carry a backup card anyway), and the additional benefits of the black or metal cards, depending on which tier you are on. HTH.