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Hi sorry if this has been raised previously! I was wondering if the Curve Card can be registered with something as Mastercard Secure for instance mainly when making online payments?

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Unfortunately curve doesn’t support this, but it’s on the roadmap.


Exactly Curve cards aren’t enrolled in the 3DS scheme (e.g. Mastercard Secure) at the moment. 3DS is on our roadmap for the future, but we don’t have a date for it yet. We’ll announce it when it becomes available :blush:

Isn’t it required by PSD2 to start by mid Sept? All my underlying cards have made the change already and support 3d secure /verified by visa.

I see it’s been delayed in the UK, not sure about elsewhere?

Is that only for retailers or banks as well? If the former: I know that Curve is both a merchant and bank/fintech/… so for providing us the card they wouldn’t act as merchant.

Hey all! Just to jump in here, we are pushing to get it out as soon as possible :grin:

That’s right, as the cut-off date has been delayed, we’re taking our time to get it done right and hope to have 3DS support out by the end of the year. We’re likely to be sooner, but we’re taking advantage of the extra time provided us so we can flesh it out fully, just to manage expectations.

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So all website beside UK will block the curve card ?

Well what a can of worms this turned out to be!

Nope, since websites only have to provide 3DS support for EU customers. Meaning they will still accept cards that don’t support 3DS.

How can pour pay online without a CVC ?

There is none on my Curve card.

You need to squint at the card.

Its started store are begin to block cards that don’t support 3D secure rejected my curve card

With the reason dont support 3D secure

Betalingen kunne desværre ikke gennemføres.
Prøv gerne en af vores andre betalingsmåder.
Kontakt i første omgang din bank eller kortudsteder for hjælp.
Hyppige typer fejl ved betaling:
-Ingen dækning på kort eller konto
-Kortet har ikke 3D Secure (kontakt din bank)
-Kortet har begrænsninger for eksempelvis maxbeløb, antal køb eller internetkøb (kontakt din bank)

Kontakt os, hvis problemet fortsætter.

(Angiv ordrenummeret, du ser på denne side, for hurtigere hjælp.)

Unfortunately, the payment could not be completed.
Please try one of our other payment methods.
Initially contact your bank or card issuer for assistance.
Frequent types of payment errors:

  • No card or account coverage
    -The card does not have 3D Secure (contact your bank)
    -The card has restrictions for eg max amount, number of purchases or internet purchases (contact your bank)
    If the problem persists, contact us.
    (Enter the order number you see on this page for faster help.)