Curve seems to be a bit of a toy account

Tried to pay off a CC bill with Curve, but I’m told it was over my spending limit. I referred to the help page which says even for new members, the daily spending limit is £2000 - the amount I was trying to spend was under this amount.

Secondly, I’m not even a new member of Curve. I’ve been with them for over a year. I have a couple of transactions with Curve, but I do not have any idea why I should have to “establish a spending history” with Curve - what is it to do with them? I’m spending my money and it’s not even in their account, so this seems overly intrusive.

I’m sorry, but it’s not reasonable to expect me to buy a few hundred loaves of bread or bottles of milk before I “graduate” with the ability to pay off a bill with Curve.

Clicking “spending limits” within the app does nothing, chatting with in-app support just gives me generic copied and pasted replies.

So disappointed and wondered if others have had similar issues and how they have resolved them.

Happy Holidays!

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I’m sure what Curve means by it - use your card regularly - not necessarily for large amounts.
My “spending history” was established in ~4 weeks if I recall correctly.

Have you tried a different underlying card or a smaller amount? Many card issuers limit or block these type of transactions, but Curve doesn’t necessarily say anything more than the error message you received.

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Welcome to the world of hundreds of unhappy customers. I am also paying for a useless piece of metal while my transactions are rejected although the amount is locked on the underlying bank account. GBiT is not working because for Curve 1 HUF = 1 GBP, limit page still throws an error, etc. Curve communcation is a total disaster, support tecnically does not exist.

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Hi @clonzana welcome to the Community and thanks for voicing your opinion on this!

Your Curve account comes with spending limits to protect both you and us from fraud. Your limits will increase as you build a spend history with us. As Moon mentioned, this doesn’t mean that you need to spend large amounts. It just means that you should use your Curve card regularly as it’s purpose is for day-to-day spend.

We also have a risk engine which can be quite sensitive with new accounts and can be the cause of some declines for example if the very first transaction on an account is for a very large amount. Again, this is to protect both you and us. Our team will reach out to you if that’s the case.

Your spending limits will also become available in the app when you build up a history with us.

I understand this issue is super frustrating but we’re working on it at the moment. I’m going to pass your feedback on to our team again.

sorry @Hannah, but this issue was reported in october, how on earth you’re still “working on it”? more than 2 months wasn’t enough? i really loved curve in the past, but your relevant team is simply not doing enough on this. unbelievable there’s still no fix