Curve Send is changing (for now!)

Curve Send is changing (for now!)

We have a really ambitious vision for Curve Send but when it launched in late December, we didn’t get it quite right. The experience wasn’t as good as we’d like it to be, and a large proportion of transactions took more than 2-3 days to appear at the receiver’s bank. Until we improve that, Curve Send will now be a Curve to Curve service.

You can send money to anyone on Curve and the cash will instantly land in their Curve Cash account. They can spend it anywhere, but it’s worth noting though that they can’t transfer Curve Cash to another card at this stage.

Friends not on Curve? You can still send money to anyone in the EEA – they’ll just have to open a Curve account to get the cash (plus a sweet £5 on top).

We’re still committed to the same vision for Curve Send – to make it the easiest way to send and receive money from any account to any account, globally and for free. It’s just going to take us a bit longer to get there.

As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments. We’ll try our best to answer any questions you have on this.

Team Curve


Where i can found informations about recently changes in curve send feature and reasons why it was changed?

Reasons can not be found there, but on the support pages on Curve Send (that were changed about 6 hours ago) you can read how it works now. Basically Curve went back to a prior situation where the money, that is sent is, received on the Curve Cash card and in order to be able to receive money one has to be a Curve Customer already or become one.


seems useless now for those who dont have curve already. now when i send money to friend who dont have curve account he need to wait one week or more to receive curve card so he can spend received money from curve cash…

very strange move by curve team.


I must admit I hadn’t realised it had officially changed back to the original method until seeing your post @poeliev! Would be possible to get an update on plans on whether it will stay like this, @Curve_Marie?

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A couple of weeks ago I talked to @samantha on the phone (about Curve Send) and what I proposed was the functionality where the recipient is offered the possibility to either:

  • Choose to receive the money directly on the Curve Cash Card


  • Choose an underlying card on which one would like to receive the money (within a couple of days).

Hi @Curve_Marie

Could you please clarify how the money you send someone is protected? When curve send was in beta, samantha stated that it was in an E-money account held by wirecard, but the terms just hadn’t been updated as the product was in beta.

Now, however, terms state:

Curve Cash have no cash value and are not deemed to be E-money or any other equivalent monetary value.

If that’s the case, then any money you send somebody via Send is entirely unprotected.


curve send is useless now. you send real money and it becomes virtual because receiver cant withdraw it.
everyone wants old curve send and nobody cares if it takes day or two to arrive so dont tell this shi…y reason why it was changed


In the beginning of PayPal this was the method, then Visa and MasterCard killed this feature or card to card.

that Curve Send function, that allo to send money to not_curve customers could be useful to top up a debit cards with fees for charging operations like in Hype and Postepay in Italy.

I think you should release that function dodecated to this kind of usage.

2 to 3 days is just about the amount of time a SEPA transfer can take, so I really think there’s more to it than “transfers were taking too long” :wink:


I noticed when going into the app an hour or so ago that a notification came up about this change now so at least users not on the forum will know that the functionality has changed! :+1:

I already received that in-app-notification yesterday.

Interesting, I used the app yesterday but didn’t receive it, only got it today.

So now the money are stuck on curve cash?

Curve cash card has Pounds as a currency.
What happens when I receive euros? Do euros automatically exchanged to pounds?

Yes. Euro’s are automatically exchanged to pounds.

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wow, that’s bad!


Why did you change that the recipient has to receive its money in curve cash instead of a bank account or credit card? Now the money is locked within curve and cant be used for paying bills or else instead of just spends through the card. I would gladly see that you change back to as it was since now the sending money function is pretty useless. At least let the recipient choose another card that is connected to curve instead of just the curve cash. I won’t be using this function until any of this solutions are implemented.
When can we expect a change? It doesn’t matter if the transaction takes 3 days, as long as the transfer is possible. If you need the money fast the recipient can choose curve cash?
Best regards

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If you have revolut or something similar you can top up your account using your curve cash balance.

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