Curve send is useless due to the 500 limit in EVERY currency


I was about to to test the curve SEND feature, but as a bitter surprise I have found that you can’t enter anything higher than 500 to the amount field no matter what kind of a currency you’d like to send.

I guess - for whatever banking reasons - it makes sense to limit the send amount to $500, but 500HUF is only about $1.5 which makes the SEND feature completely unusable. Just to test I have selected other currencies as well, the 500 is a limit for all of them

Let me know your thoughts,


I have contacted Support via the app. Instead of a proper feedback I was told to

  • Log out and back in
  • Update my app
  • if the problem persist: send a screenshot about the problem

So… instead of performing a 30s test to check the problem they wanted me to send a screenshot. Then I responded that they should check the problem first and they came back with practically the same answer to send them a screenshot. I told them that I dont care too much about this bug, so they can just close.

I’m operating a business myself and if my client is willing to spend his time letting me know that there is a bug in my apps then the first thing is that I check if I can reproduce the problem he is talking about, especially if it takes less than a minute.

Great to know that Curve has evolved from this shortsighted business model and doesnt spend time on stuff like this.


I have no problem sending well in excess of 500HUF in the app directly, so i’d suggest that you follow support instruction and they will try and help you. As presumably they would have already tried at the support centre end, it took me only moments to do so.

No idea if the bug is still there, when Curve send started, I also had that bug, but it was either 500 or 5000 currency unit. And only on Android, not on iOS.
So I wouldnt say its “useless”, its just a bug that needs to be fixed.

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You’re right, when I try to send over 500 CZK (around 20 EUR) it stops me saying the maximum is 500 CZK. :stop_sign::raised_hand: But I definitely was able to send much more than 500 CZK in the past :money_with_wings:, so it’s some new bug :bug:

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Hey Community!

Just wanted to let you all know that we’re aware of this bug and our engineers are working hard to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Have a great day and stay safe everyone :slightly_smiling_face:


Phrases like “our engineers are working hard to get it fixed” suggests that this is some sort of a complex problem requires real engineering (maybe even Phd) hours involved while in reality it is extremely simple to solve:

  • convert a given currency to USD
  • display the user how much they can send in the given currency before exceeding $500 (if this is the magic limit)
  • limit the input field to this number

Thanks for confirming the problem though. Its good to know that it is on the radar. Also to provide extra info: when Curve launched “Send” I’m pretty sure that I have tried it. Or maybe a friend of mine sent me money, I can’t recall. But it was certainly more than 500HUF, so yes this bug has been introduced later.

Could be that its an Android thing? Cause it certainly exists on my end. Logging off and back on is just a plain stupid idea in this case as it is for sure has nothing to do with credentials. (although I have done it, just for fun, of course it didnt fix anything)

I’m afraid you’re not aware of how software development works.
Just because the logic or pseudocode is simple, doesn’t necessarily mean that the execution is as easy.

There are multiple aspects to consider in this, things that you wouldn’t see or consider from an outside perspective.


Just couple minutes ago I have received a mail from Curve support saying: “this is not a bug we’re aware of and so troubleshooting the issue with you is the best way to find a fix.”

I’m honestly looking forward to work with them to see if we can progress.

Is there anybody here who owns an iphone and can confirm if the iphone version has the same problem? I guess that would help a lot.

Testing is very simple:

  • Open the curve app
  • Select send
  • Change the currency to HUF, CZK or whatever which has less value than a USD
  • Try entering a value which is very close to $500 in the given currency.

If you are limited to 500 currency units then the problem exists on iphone as well. If not then its an android thing. (BTW, on android the limit is 500 for all currencies including EUR and GBP which has higher value than USD. This means there is absolutely no calculation behind the send function at this moment, the limiting factor is that the input field max value is set to 500.)

Let us know!

Since Curve Cash is always GBP currency and stores money in GBP (100 points equivalent to 1GBP), you should Curve Send money always in GBP and it will solve your problem.

Device: iPhone
App version: 3.4.9 (8454)
Result: Bug is not present, each time I change the currency the limit changes relative to the currency, for example:

  • GBP: limit is 500
  • USD: limit is 617.17
  • AUD: limit is 925.71

Oh and I don’t know anything about you or who you are @TMB but simply by reading your posts in this thread you strike me as a bit of an arrogant person who makes inflated assumptions on matters where they lack all of the required knowledge to make informed judgements.

For instance your claim that this is simple and easy to fix when you have absolutely no knowledge of the inner workings of the Curve apps or their backend systems is a perfect example of that. This problem might be a simple fix, or it might be something quite complex which requires some work, my assumption is that it’s probably a straightforward fix, but we simply don’t know because we don’t work for Curve, and we just see the user interface. I’m a software engineer at a large organisation, and one thing I’ve learnt over my career is never to make assumptions when you have not gathered all of the facts.

You need to learn to be more humble and less self-entitled.

Thanks for checking that its android only. If the problem is present on Android (confirmed by some of the community as well as Curve itself) but its not present on Iphone then you really believe that there could be some sort of a magical roadblock which makes it really hard to fix? BTW I’m as well an sw developer with 10+ years in big companies. Not sure if that makes my opinion more credible.

My original tone was about the fact that Curve didnt even bother checking if the problem is there simply tried to get a screenshot while I think they should appreciate customer feedback more. Then, I had two or three of my comments flagged while there were absolutely nothing offensive in them. So to be frank… no I dont think I’m arrogant, its simply an group of oversensitive community who can’t handle basic facts.

I dont believe that problems are getting solved with this attitude and actually in this paritcular case I’m right assuming this as the problem wont get solved anytime soon. (Curve says: “our engineers are working hard on this”, then in an email says “we are aware of this but its not on our roadmap”).

As I said in my post: “This problem might be a simple fix, or it might be something quite complex which requires some work, my assumption is that it’s probably a straightforward fix, but we simply don’t know because we don’t work for Curve, and we just see the user interface.”

The point there is that, from my experience as a software engineer I know not to make any assumptions about how trivial or complex the problem is to solve if I don’t have all of the facts.

Really though it doesn’t actually matter how simple or complex the problem is, as you said “BTW I’m as well an sw developer with 10+ years in big companies”. So, then I would have thought you would, like me, have a good appreciation as to why they need to have engineers and testers involved and why things don’t just get fixed right away.

I shouldn’t have to explain the separation between user support and software engineering, why the user support have to do as much due diligence and gather as much evidence as possible, so that when the developer comes to fix the problem they are going into it knowing exactly what needs to be done. Why you not only just fix the bug, but you also write automated tests and visual regression tests, and why you then (even for a small change) do all of the normal QA testing and peer review processes, and why you then bundle that fix in with other fixes in at least a cumulative patch release.

As a developer you should understand all of that and so realise why this will be added to the queue along with other bugs to get fixed.

For just a minute, put yourself in their position, I would with people who work on a high volume service desk, they’ll have many tickets coming in, they don’t have all day to just sit there and test this specific bug on every platform until they figure out what’s causing it. They rely on asking users to provide more information and screenshots, because when you’re working on a high-volume service desk, it’s simply just more efficient to ask for that additional information.

This is really basic social skills here, sure if one person finds you argumentative then maybe you can consider that person is a little more sensitive, but if multiple people are coming to the same conclusion, well you have to consider that maybe it’s you and not them. As I said in my previous post, I know nothing about you, I’ve never interacted with you before, but simply from reading your 8 posts in this thread, you rubbed me the wrong way and I found you quite confrontational. Now I’m not “oversensitive” and I’m a pretty rational person, but I got that feeling from just 8 text posts, so I’d say you need to consider the way you interact with people.


Going off topic quite over the last few posts so I think time to bring this discussion to a close. @nicb am sure you’re aware of the bug, but in case not have tagged you!