Curve Send - Now In Beta! (TestFlight 3.1.3)

How it works

  • You’ll be able to send money via Curve from your underlying funding card to your friends’ Curve Cash card. The money can only be spent from the Curve Cash card.

  • You can send to other Curve customers who currently have access to this feature. In other words: they need to be on Beta.

  • The transfer will be charged in GBP on your payment card regardless of the currency selected for that card in your wallet.

  • Transfers can only be made by EEA residents using an EEA issued payment card.

What to expect

  • This is an MVP. It’s a limited version of what will be rolled for the public launch later on.

  • Curve Cash card does work not exactly the same as your funding cards. There are a few restrictions.

  • Your Curve Cash card and retailers can be found under “Wallet”.

  • Please use low amounts of money in case something breaks and you cannot access the funds right away.

Known issues

  • It might take a little while to see the money in your account.

  • You will show up as a contact in the list, but you’re unable to send money to yourself.


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