Curve Send (P2P): Any card to any card in over 25 different currencies

Hey! The next build is available for testing now. We listened to your feedback, and you can now select the card you want to use to receive Curve Send payments.

On this next stage you can test:

  • Sending money in over 25 different currencies
  • Selecting the card of your choice to receive Curve Send payments
  • Sending money to people who are not yet Curve customers - the money will be associated with their mobile number, and they will receive it as soon as they’ve joined Curve and verified their first payment card

To ensure that we are protecting you while you help us test this version, here are a few important things to keep in mind.

  • You can only send money to people who are also on Beta, as the receiver will have to accept the payment
  • Older versions of the Beta app will no longer work with Curve Send
  • Not accepted payments will be automatically reversed to your card in 7 days
  • If you test referring someone by sending them money, your friend who joins Curve will not be able to accept the payment until we release this for everyone
  • When sending money via a referral, only send an amount that you are comfortable not having access to it for 7 days

Looking forward to your feedback!


Then are the build public?

I dont see the update on google play yet

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Usually all updates on Google Play are rolled out in stages, so it takes some time til everyone can update the beta.

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Has curve transfer been removed?!

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Hey Dann! Yes, now you are able to select the card that you want to receive the payment on. Any payment received will go directly to your card of choice without touching the Curve Cash card. Try it out and let us know how it goes.

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Oh! That’s cool! I quite liked having the ability to add money to my cash card! Helped when I didn’t have quite enough from my rewards card to buy something!

Thanks for the feedback. I know exactly what you mean, I myself had some reward points stuck on Curve Cash. We might still offer that option in the future.


Yeah, it’s awesome. Isn’t it possible to have the option to load the card up?

Great job on the update! Can’t wait until this is launched on out of beta so all my friends have the same functionality. The option for 25 currencies seems like a game changer. I am impressed by the breadth of currencies you offer – feels more than some of the competition whose key offering is currency exchange.

I also noticed another change which you snuck in under the radar. Now my curve cash card states my balance in pounds and pence. This is great as it somehow feels more like real money in an account than when it was curve points even though the practicality is completely the same!

I don’t know anyone else testing the beta so haven’t yet been able to receive cash so not sure how that part of it works. Nor have I figured out how I choose the card to receive the money. Is this done when I receive monies from someone. Can I choose every time or is there a default card it goes to? If it’s a default card does that need to be the same as my card selected for payments?

I sent £5 from an underlying credit card and €4 from my curve cash yesterday to a friend. Haven’t heard back yet if they have received it but my curve cash ended up only being debited by £0.03 so it seemed like there was an error somewhere in how it was processed.

I also liked the previous ability to do transfers in and out of my curve cash balance. Maybe reintroduce this with an ability to hold various currencies?

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Still no update

Google store message
Future update will be beta update

Yes, for me so far also no beta update available. Latest version I have is 2.13.1
What’s the current beta version? Does anyone have the current apk?

Nothing newer showing in Play Store for me either.

@ediflyer @Lucas @hup We are fixing a bug on the Android build and will release that later today. I’ll update you here as soon as it’s out. Sorry for the delay on making it available to you.


thx for letting us now :slight_smile:
I thought its just me who hasnt received the new update yet, so thats why I asked.

No RSD (revolut, transferwise has it), BAM and other european currency. It’s nice to have Brazil real and other non european currency but at least cover all european first if you can.

The Android build has been released earlier this evening. It should be available shortly if not already.

I still don’t see any update here hours later

Neither can. I. Maybe for future updates, uploading the new apk version here as well?

Still nothing for me :frowning:

No update for me either