Curve Send (P2P): Any card to any card in over 25 different currencies

Would it not be possible to send money to any visa, mastercard?

Simply to scan it with NFC

This is going to be an awesome feature when its fully released, I’m looking forward to it to be available to everyone.

It seems like its developing at good speed too :slight_smile:

HI there,
I’ve seen that in the “timeline” the transaction only shows the amount in the underlying card currency, not the actual amount sent.
For example, I sent my daughter £433.13 but from a card in EUR, so the amount charged was 506.09€. Now I still remember the original amount in GBP, but I will forget, for sure, and would love to be able to check.
Imagine if this is not a intra-family transfer but paying something to someone, I need any kind of receipt of the amount the other part is getting, don’t you agree?


New beta version bug posts here…

When you receive a payment the numbers of days, when you can expect the amount in your account, differs between the ‘acceptance’ screen and the ‘closure’ screen.

2-3 days

2-5 working days

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Timeline still shows wrong month.

Cards are shifted right when opening app.

Sounds like lots of bugs not yet fixed. Would be great to have a changelog so we know what’s been updated and what to check (even better an open bug tracker!)


Good idea :bulb:

Exchange rate for CPT is shown as 1 CPT is £1, which is of course not correct.

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I’m getting this account migration error every now and again. Relaunching app usually fixes it.

Hey, thanks for raising this. This is something we are aware of and we’re going to address soon. Agree with you, it should definitely have the amount and currency you sent.

Yep, we are going to filter your own contact out of the list. For now, we are not allowing you to send money to yourself.

@poeliev Thanks for pointing out the mismatch, I raised it to be fixed.

Thanks for reporting this, I’ve raised it with the team. Should be corrected soon.

Hey, that’s an interesting one, usually this would prevent you from using the app at all. Can you send me your phone, app and OS details so I can try to find the issue? Thank you!

Do you mean sending money to someone who is not a Curve user? If so, that’s on our plans for sure!

Trust me, we’ve been busy :slight_smile:. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the feature.


Since last beta build and I’m still waiting for answer from support team…

I’m new to the beta testing programme and have 3.2.0 (2419) installed.

I’ve done a quick scan in the forum but could not find a way to set a card to receive payments nor a way to send payments to a specific card? There is only the option to send payments to another person

That is correct. Only the person that receives a payment can choose to accept the payment and after acceptance choose the specific card he/she wants to put the received money on.

So, isn’t this an endless way to gather free miles on a points earning creditcard? Or is curve doing something to stop this? Or is this a feature which means that it is fully allowed?

You can only send to other people through Curve Send, so unless you have a well trusted partner then I think you’ll find that difficult.

It would also be pretty easy for Curve to spot so I wouldn’t suggest trying it before getting staff’s response.

But based on their other policies on cash recycling and such I don’t think this is something they’re going to encourage.

Android app 2.13.6, Send option is gone.

Same here

Hey! We had to disable Curve Send for everyone so we can release the next version. You guys should get access again shortly. Make sure you keep your app updated to the latest version. Sorry for not telling you earlier.

@Curve_Marie Is it possible to get some official response on this? Do you have to proof what the transfers are for if there are too many to the same person or?