Curve Send (P2P) - Phase 1: Send from Curve account to Curve Cash

I guess so… i’ll Add it to the list

This looks very interesting, what I don’t seem to be able to work out is how will this transaction be viewed by the underlying card?

If I use a credit card then will it be classed as a cash withdrawal?

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Very interesting feature, though it is limited to it’s only available in GBP.
So for me, I would need to convert money, which in the end would result me losing a bit money every time.

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Good question, can someone from Curve share which MCC you’ll use for that?

There is one limitation that could make Curve send unattractive . The fact that money on the curve cash card can’t be withdrawn on an ATM
Are there any plans to do away with these limitations?


On my underlying credit card overview the P2P transaction shows up as “POI Funding Trans excl MS”. The transaction is still pending (I have seen a description change when the transaction became final).

Looks like MCC 6540, “POI Funding Transactions (Excluding MoneySend)”.

So it’s not classes a a cash advance?

On the downside, I don’t have any contact who has Curve yet.

I guess this may still depend on your underlying credit card terms. Though my transaction is still pending I am pretty sure my credit card provider will not treat it as a cash advance.

Just saw this. I’ve sent a couple of payments with no reduction in my limit.

In fact, the last payment should have pushed me over my daily limit, but went through anyway and has been received.

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That’s very interesting, I wonder if it will then come off the other person spend limit as they will be the people ultimately spending it.

Yes, they just did a payment with the Curve Cash and it reduced their limit.

Is this the intended behaviour?

So if it reduces your curve limit when using curve case, would it then reduce your limit in general when using curve cash?

Soi if I have £50 of cashback and I spend it, have I just lost £50 of my limits.

Another thought would be this, if I have reached my limit and I want to spend my curve cash, will I be stopped from doing that and could value expire within the year I am at my limit?

I wonder how Curve holds the Curve Cash funds. Maybe it’s beneficial to encourage people to build up big Curve Cash balances… It certainly would be if they can get interest on it.

What happens if you want to close your account?

What is the maximum Curve Cash balance allowed?

So many questions

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Anyone got any info on this? I can’t seem to find any

I do not see the app under Beta and I can’t update it to beta. I am using android and I am beta tester signed up 3 weeks ago. Any one know how to update the app?

Just used it with a friend and does work perfectly and instantly ! The transaction appears as “On Line Payment” on my underlying card ( Debit card for this test). Will test it with a Credit card later . I really like this function ! thanx Curve ! .

Did you download the last appli ? If yes, you do find the “send” icon just on the bottom icons, just right after the “wallet” icon. Did you ?

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I think Curve doesn’t have licence to hold some cash…that the reason you find points inside the Cash card…no ? and the points are converted in pounds , but Curve holds points and not cash…

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So, what security is there?
That’s the real question, I suppose.

If Curve goes bust, what happens to Curve Cash balances?

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