Curve Send (P2P) - Phase 1: Send from Curve account to Curve Cash

I do not see the app under Beta and I can’t update it to beta. I am using android and I am beta tester signed up 3 weeks ago. Any one know how to update the app?

Just used it with a friend and does work perfectly and instantly ! The transaction appears as “On Line Payment” on my underlying card ( Debit card for this test). Will test it with a Credit card later . I really like this function ! thanx Curve ! .

Did you download the last appli ? If yes, you do find the “send” icon just on the bottom icons, just right after the “wallet” icon. Did you ?

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I think Curve doesn’t have licence to hold some cash…that the reason you find points inside the Cash card…no ? and the points are converted in pounds , but Curve holds points and not cash…

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So, what security is there?
That’s the real question, I suppose.

If Curve goes bust, what happens to Curve Cash balances?

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That’s what I always assumed.

I would think that if Curve go bust, your Curve points would be worth zero. Would be good to get some information on this from Curve, but I wouldn’t be using it for any substantial amounts.

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For family then, it still makes much more sense to add them as additional cardholders on the underlying card, instead of this.

Hopefully GBIT will be available down the line for Curve Cash, so you could use it to send the exact amount for a specific transaction.

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There are two limitations that make Curve send absolutely useless. 1. No option to send money from Curve cash card. The only option is to send from an underlying card.
2. The fact that money on the curve cash card can’t be withdrawn on an ATM

These two limitations make CURVE SEND almost useless. Are there any plans to do away with these limitations?

You can send money from curve Cash card ive tried it a few moments ago successfully :thinking:

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It is a BETA, meaning more features will come. When you look at the pdf provided for the crowdfunding page, you’ll see that withdrawing Curve Cash balance to an underlying card is a planned feature.
They explained it very well, 1st stage is just sending p2p.

And yes, sending money from the current balance is already possible


Hi! :wave:I’m Daniel from Product! We are still looking to see that’s the best approach, what are your thoughts? Do you want another currency?

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Hi! :wave:Yes! :smile: We left open that to see if people tried to use it, and you tried! Is there any use case why?

:grinning: Glad you like it!

Yeah, there were 2 reasons:

  1. Curiosity
  2. It’s always nice to have a way to top-up Curve Cash — e.g. when you don’t have enough money on the Rewards card to make a purchase

I second that. It could be useful as a means of getting rid of that spare change lying there.

@Yubi more currencies, yes. I expect to see some more of the major currencies being made available for the public release. Curve users should be allowed to set their preferred currency (e.g. home currency) for Curve Send transactions, perhaps? :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel! I don’t have a specific use case personally, as I’m in the UK and won’t use Curve P2P payments anyway.

I was just asking because I assumed that charging in GBP was a shortcut to ship the MVP. Seems like it would make this feature fairly useless to people outside the UK if they have to pay their bank’s currency conversion fees.


Could someone from Curve please clarify this? It seems like a pretty important point. All I can find in the current terms is this:

Curve Rewards have no cash value and are not deemed to be E-money or any other equivalent monetary value.

There’s no equivalent statement for Curve Cash, but I assume it’s the same? In which case your balance is indeed entirely unprotected.


Where can I find this PDF? The restricted documents in Crowdcube?

What about chargebacks?

Tbh, it seems to add more complications than it’s worth.

I’d assumed the feature would be to split transactions, so partly reversing a charge to someone else’s underlying card and making a charge to yours. Or to authorise someone to spend x amount on one of your underlying cards.

Then there is no question of Curve actually holding funds.