Curve Send (P2P) - Phase 1: Send from Curve account to Curve Cash

Could someone from Curve please clarify this? It seems like a pretty important point. All I can find in the current terms is this:

Curve Rewards have no cash value and are not deemed to be E-money or any other equivalent monetary value.

There’s no equivalent statement for Curve Cash, but I assume it’s the same? In which case your balance is indeed entirely unprotected.


Where can I find this PDF? The restricted documents in Crowdcube?

What about chargebacks?

Tbh, it seems to add more complications than it’s worth.

I’d assumed the feature would be to split transactions, so partly reversing a charge to someone else’s underlying card and making a charge to yours. Or to authorise someone to spend x amount on one of your underlying cards.

Then there is no question of Curve actually holding funds.

To be fair, it’s a very early release. Hopefully this feedback will be used to create a more useful product.

Even for an early beta though, “where/how is my money held” seems like a fairly fundamental question.

Yes, we really need clarification of how our Curve cash balance is protected. If there is any.

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Agree - different when it was just small amount of rewards cash but if larger sums are being sent P2P then would be sensible to know what protections in place.

That’s true

The basic question of how the balance is held must already have an answer, so strange there’s no info on this.

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Indeed. I did some testing using an EUR debit card and some testing with my Dutch credit card (to check the MCC that was used). And I was (going to be) charged a conversion fee by my underlying card(s). This because my underlying EUR cards are charged in GBP, in contrast to other non P2P transactions where Curve would detect the underlying currency and would do the conversion for me (without a fee/mark up at least during weekdays).

The least that should be done when charging my underlying EUR cards in GBP is that Curve would do the conversion (just as with other transactions).

But of course it would be far better if I could choose the currency myself! That would probably mean in this case the receiver also has to choose the currency that the Curve Cash points are based on, because if you don’t do that then in this case there still needs to be done a currency conversion, though not on the sender’s side but at the receiver’s (whose Curve Cash Wallet is currently based on GBP).


Can Curve or anyone confirm the MCC for these transactions?

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Hey, Sam here from the product team! Yes, the transactions at the moment go with the MCC 6540. What would you expect it to be?

Thanks for your feedback on this one, I’ve forwarded to the team.

Sorry for the delay here, I know a lot of you have been asking this question. To clarify, the money on the Curve Cash card is held in a special bank account by our issuer Wirecard and noone has access to it. Even if Curve and Wirecard go bust, the money will be returned to the cardholder.

Thanks for the feedback here, it’s really valuable to us hearing what you expect from our product. Again, I’ve passed this on to the developing team.

Thank you all for the insights, keep them coming!

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Thanks for the answers Sam!

Whilst I’m glad to hear this, it’s not what the terms say. They still state that points have zero monetary value and expire after six months. Can you please update the terms to reflect what you’ve said above?

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Hey, thanks for pointing that out. The terms you are referring to are for our main product and does not include any of our Beta products. The terms will be reviewed for the full release.


Fair enough, thanks :slight_smile:

Same with me I am also not able to access the Beta

Tested P2P sending, and was ok.

As a first step is ok but as it is built, all P2P payments are in GBP and as I’m in Europe €zone, all my cards are in €, so after charge the P2P payment in my card, my bank applies the exchange rate and also the currency conversion fee.

I propose the possibility of select the desired currency, previously sending cash from a Curve account to another Curve account.

Yep! Agreed. Same argument as discussed about Cash topping up thread

Let me guess. Do you have your own phone number in your contacts?

Hey! All the feedback you’ve been providing is really valuable to us, we appreciate your time.

We are running a few user testing sessions at our offices this Friday to collect further feedback on Curve Send as it is today, as well as the future developments. We still have a few slots available and we would love to meet you in person to discuss further. You can sign up here for one of the available slots