Curve Send (P2P) - Phase 1: Send from Curve account to Curve Cash

We’re thrilled to introduce Curve Send! Please bear in mind that you’ll be testing a minimum viable product (MVP), not a polished product.

Please update your app to the latest version. We’ll be sending out the new beta build tomorrow morning. In the next 12 hours that might crash if you’re on an older app version.

If you signed up for the beta programme after Wednesday at 11:00, you will get access to the beta app next week.

How does it work:

  • You’ll be able to send money via Curve from your underlying funding card to your friends’ Curve Cash card. The money can only be spent from the Curve Cash card.

  • You can send to other Curve customers who currently have access to this feature. In other words: they need to be on Beta.

  • The transfer will be charged in GBP on your payment card regardless of the currency selected for that card in your wallet.

  • Transfers can only be made by EEA residents using an EEA issued payment card.

What to expect:

  • Curve Cash card does not act exactly like your payment cards. There are a few restrictions.
  • Please use low amounts of money in case something breaks and you cannot immediately access the funds.
  • Your Curve Cash card and retailers can be found under “Wallet”.

Known issues:

  • It might take a little while to see the money in your account.

You must always use Curve Services with your selected Payment Card in accordance with the terms and conditions of your underlying Payment Card’s terms and conditions.


How will Curve know who my friends are?

After giving access to your contact list, you will be able to see your friends who are on Curve and who’s not.

What happens if I send money to a friend who has Curve, but is not on the Beta?

Your friend will receive the money in the Curve Cash account which they can use to spend as Curve Cash. Your friend, however, will not be able to send the money back to you.

What happens if I send money to the wrong person?

If they are a Curve Beta tester, they’ll be able to send it back to you. If not, please contact Curve at

Are the FX limits = to my Curve Send limits?

Yes. They’re the same as your usual Curve FX limits.

Can I move money between my own accounts/cards?

Curve does not provide you with a method to move money between bank accounts. Curve Send has been created to make it more convenient for you to send money to your friends without logging in to your bank account.

How does the Curve Cash card work?

Like this

What currencies can I send and receive funds in?

You can only use Curve Send to send and receive money to and from certain supported EEA countries. As your Curve card is currently a GBP denominated card issued in the UK, you’ll be charged in GBP.

Can I withdraw the balance from my Curve Cash card?

You can spend your balance from your Curve Cash card, but not withdraw it using an ATM or refund the balance from the Curve Cash card at the moment

Why hasn’t my friend received the money yet?

If you are experiencing difficulty with a transfer, please contact support at: so we can check if there is an issue.

Why can't I see the payment on my timeline?

The payment should be visible on your timeline. Please try re-launching your app and if it hasn’t updated please send us a message in-app or via so we can check if there is an issue.

How do I cancel a payment?

You can’t. Your friend will have to send the money back if they are on Curve Beta. If they are not on Curve Beta, please send us a message in-app or via

What are my limits to send money?

Your Curve Send limits are within your Curve spend limits and you can send 500 GBP in a single transaction.

Can I Go Back in Time for a payment that I make using Curve Send?

Not at the moment.

How long will it take for the money to appear?

The money should arrive instantly but can take up to 30 minutes. If the payment does not show, please re-launch the app and if it hasn’t updated please get in touch with support at:

Is there a limit on how many times I can send/receive?

No, you can use Curve Send as many times as you like providing you do not exceed your Curve card spending limits. You can see your Curve card spending limits in your Curve app.

How do I know if I’ve sent/received money successfully?

You will receive a notification and you will be able to see the payment on your timeline.

How will I see my Curve Cash cashback retailers now the Connect tab has disappeared?

You will be able to view your Curve Cash retailers by tapping on your Curve Cash card and tapping the ‘i.’ This will allow you to view your selected retailers or choose them if you haven’t already.


And we’re off! You will find the bug reporting channels for Android and iOS above :point_up:

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No beta update yet on PlayStore. Have you already rolled it out?


Is this always going to be the case, or is this just a temporary thing?


I’ve now added the FAQs to the post; apologies for them them not being accessible straight away :face_with_monocle:

First issue: you can see yourself in contacts list, but if you’ll try to send some money — it will fail.

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Love that I can pay with Curve Cash too, not just a credit card :slight_smile:


I would like to see the transaction hit my bank card using its “native” currency (eg. Euro) - big selling point to me is that Curve does the conversion for me - my debit card, for example, charges a LOT for currency conversion … having to rely on my bank to convert will put me off using the feature


Apparently working fine. I just sent some credit from my Curve cash to my daughter’s and she got it almost instantly. It is recorded correctly in the timeline, too.

As an idea … could be possible to mark some contacts as favorite? If curve is quite successful (and I hope so as I invested some money on it) we can find out we see a lot of potential recipients in the list, but most likely I will be sending always to same people.

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Interesting use case… I’m not sure why you’d want that to work, but I reckon it’s to stop cash recycling.

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Not a use case, but a bug - you shouldn’t be showing up in your own list


I guess so… i’ll Add it to the list

This looks very interesting, what I don’t seem to be able to work out is how will this transaction be viewed by the underlying card?

If I use a credit card then will it be classed as a cash withdrawal?

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Very interesting feature, though it is limited to it’s only available in GBP.
So for me, I would need to convert money, which in the end would result me losing a bit money every time.

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Good question, can someone from Curve share which MCC you’ll use for that?

There is one limitation that could make Curve send unattractive . The fact that money on the curve cash card can’t be withdrawn on an ATM
Are there any plans to do away with these limitations?


On my underlying credit card overview the P2P transaction shows up as “POI Funding Trans excl MS”. The transaction is still pending (I have seen a description change when the transaction became final).

Looks like MCC 6540, “POI Funding Transactions (Excluding MoneySend)”.

So it’s not classes a a cash advance?

On the downside, I don’t have any contact who has Curve yet.

I guess this may still depend on your underlying credit card terms. Though my transaction is still pending I am pretty sure my credit card provider will not treat it as a cash advance.