Curve Send (P2P) - Phase 1v2: Transfer from your Curve Cash card to payment card

The next stage of Curve Send is here for testing :rocket:

Happy Monday! First of all, thank you for all the time you’ve dedicated to testing Curve Send. This has allowed us to collect some great insights and make sure that we are on the right path.

With your feedback, we were able to identify the sneaky bugs that we missed at first. Big thank you to everyone who took the time to report this to us!

The feature is not yet complete, in fact, there is so much more we want to offer! In addition to sending money to your friends, you will also be able to transfer money from your Curve Cash card to any EEA card added to your Curve account. Oh, and you can also add a little note to let your friend know why you are sending money (apart from the obvious reason - You are an awesome friend!).

Known bugs in this version (sorry about that, we’re working on it) :pick::

  1. Insufficient funds messaging is unclear
  2. Opening a Curve Send transfer notification opens the selected card instead of the Curve Cash.
  3. A Transfer handles the transaction as a spending transaction
  4. On the transfer tab, if you select a card, tap on “transfer” and then back, the transfer (top right) turns into “send”. You have to click on the send tab and back to the transfer tab again to fix it. (Android).

We appreciate your help and feedback on bugs so we can deliver the best possible experience. Our product team is actively participating in this topic to incorporate your feedback.

When reporting a bug, please:

  • Tell us which device and operating system you are using
  • Check whether it is already reported below
  • A screenshot and short description
  • Details on how we can reproduce it

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!



Just done my first transfer to bank account, worked nice and easily, and since I’m transferring to Monzo, should arrive tomorrow, will keep you updated!

My transfer was “within 2-5 working days”.

Are the transfer times different for different cards?

Not usually, but with Monzo when card payments are put onto my card, they are in my account the next day!

When you send money via Curve Send and reach the last screen of the flow, if you minimize the app and restore, it sends the money again to the same person.

Can you let us know what device and OS version you’re using please

I cant seem to update to the latest beta version. TestFlight tells me theres no apps to test anymore? I tried redeeming the code again but the app told me its already been redeemed and I should request a new one. Can anyone help?

OnePlus 6, Oxygen OS OP6_O2_BETA_25, Android 9

Just tried a transfer to my card as well, worked within the app.

Now the next BIG thing for non UK users would be being able to send, receive ans transfer in EUR.
Til then its just a gimmick and not useful in the real world.
But once this has been done I can clearly see a fighting chance against N26, Revolut, Fidor… p2p which is also instant


Hey :wave:!

Cool, thanks Dann! I tested on my Monzo account too and it took a few days, although it was over the weekend, so it might be faster for you. Let me know how it goes.

Transfers are processed in the same way for all banks, but some banks are faster than others on their end. We are also working with our payment partners to improve this experience and make it faster.

Thanks for raising that! I’ve reported to our Android developers and they are investigating the bug. Will keep you updated.

Yep! Definitely a big one in our priority list, we’re working on it. Out of curiosity, where are you based and what service do you currently use to make payments and transfers?

I’ve tried almost all p2p systems, that are accessible to Europeans, including the ones that involve a French phone number like Lydia. There are many small p2p programs, that most people have never heard about because they are only common in certain countries or have a very low user base.

I’m located in Germany and this is what most Germans use:
Most common: all my business customers either pay be SEPA transfer (very slow, between 2-5 days depending on the sending bank) or I charge their Visa/MC card (expensive)
–> not p2p

Paypal: allows p2p free of charge when selecting “sending money to friends” even when paying by credit card (not just debit, all credit incl AmEx cards) --> but PayPal really checks whether its a business or “friend” transaction, since business transactions cost money
–> instant
downside: requires a Paypal account, but I don’t know a single person between the age of 20 and 35 who doesn’t have a Paypal account here in Germany.

Revolut: used by tech-savy / money optimizer people: free p2p transfer which allows topping up the account by credit card before, so people like the idea of making a p2p and still earn miles / points
–> instant

N26: after N26 had sooooo many terrible bugs / made many mistakes of taking out money from user accounts double, freezing money, “stolen” money, … almost everyone I know who has had an account with them closed it

Fidor cash I have it, but never used it and nobody I know has ever used their p2p system

Example: when people “collect” money in a pot for a birthday gift here in Germany, they usually use PayPal.

I’m in :es: and it’s exactly my case as @Lucas , as my partners to send/receive money are distributed, there is not a killer service for these p2p transfers yet.

I’m using all you mentioned (except Fidor) and some more options, like

  • Bizum (a large scale user base supported by nearly all banks but not yet widely used),
  • Twyp (p2p by Spanish branch of ING, but they’re willing to get integration with Bizum)
  • Bnext (a local visa prepaid card with internal and external bpay payments simmilar to or
  • Verse (it’s the very first local p2p app, targeted basically to young market, born as p2p app only but now growing up to a prepaid card with p2p builtin)

There are some more options trying to emulate the Verse/Bnext card+p2p model, but they’re still too inmature, at early stage of their business.

@samantha I guess Curve Send might get a great chance here as mobile market is extremely developed but neither of those p2p services are actually a great success yet. However, I agree “native” EUR-based p2p is an absolute must.

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Are they sent via BACS?

Jay, if you had access to the previous beta build you should also have access to this one. Try deleting Testflight and reinstalling. If that doesn’t work, please contact our support team and let them know you email for the App store and they can help you from there.

@Lucas thanks for the detailed summary of the options available to you. Very helpful!

@g_glnx trust me, we want to be your product of choice, and we will get there! For now, it’s really good to hear your insights and feedback on how we can solve this for you.

@Marksummers We’re not using BACS. I am checking on the specifics and will get back to you on this one.

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Sent to barclays account worked well. in account next day.

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If you would like to read more on different P2P methods available to our international community check out this topic :point_down:t2:

I just gave this a go as soon as the new beta went live. I sent a small amount from my Curve Cash to one of my credit cards and I’m waiting for it to show on my statement.

I did a transfer from cash card to a debit card and it seems to be easy. The transaction was successful but I should wait some days to get my money transfered. I’ll tell you as soon as I will receive it.

I agree :point_up_2:t2:

But at least compared to the first Beta version of Curve Send now Curve does the conversion from £ to € when sending money using an underlying EUR card and when transferring money out of the Curve Cash card to an underlying EUR card. So a small improvement, but because of the mark up probably best to skip the weekend to repay your friends for the :beer::beer::beer: and wait until Monday.

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