Curve Send (P2P) - Phase 1v2: Transfer from your Curve Cash card to payment card

Glad to hear!

We are working on improving this for the full launch, thanks for picking that up though.

Hey there! Thanks for raising this, we are working on implementing the limits properly now. The limits defined today are £2000 per day, subject to your Curve spending limits.

Yesterday night and right now I’ve tried to send me money and was not possible. I don’t understand the reasons why.
Could it be because curve system doesn’t allow sending money from myself as a Curve cash card top up?
Should it be because a puntual error of the system?

So that’s the same bug or restriction by Curve.

How can I test this

Hey there! Yes, at the moment you can’t send money to yourself. Just so I understand the need for this, when would you send money to yourself?

And yes, we are working on improving the messaging for this error, so the reason of failure is clear.

Hey, to test this and other features you will have to join the Curve beta programme. Here you will find the information on how you can join Curve Beta Signup.

I send money from my UK accounts to my Irish accounts and this would fit in nicely for that and yes there’s plenty reasons to send money to yourself I do it all the time my money gets paid in one account but I move money to all my accounts from that account so yes that feature is relevant for personal use and not just paying someone else

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Great, thanks for sharing this with us. I’m passing on this feedback to the team so it can be considered for future developments.

Removing the need to use a currency transfer service such as transferwise to bridge the gap between two banking systems like uk and Ireland which aren’t compatible sending from the bank is a rip off but I always look for the cheapest option and I would use curve more if it was an option to send money to your own accounts abroad which will beat brexit hurdles


Yes I do that.
This is the reason why I think it would be useful to send money to yourself.


Hmmm, I suspect the cost to Curve for this is HIGH

Why do you think that?

What happens when someone send you money in a different currency? The curve cash its a GBP card.

When trying to use the Transfer tab of Curve Send I get the following message. I’ve been getting it for about a week now.

App version: 2.13.1+20131001
Android 10 (Build OP7Pro_O2_BETA_4)
Device: OnePlus 7Pro

Already reported:

And acknowledged by Curve:

How do you transer Cash rewards to your normal Account?

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It used to be in the send tab… but it looks like it’s been removed in the latest beta


Wish I’d have known this before installing the latest BETA!


I can not change GBP (CPT at curve cash) to other currency i mean PLN. I would like to use curve cash with PLN, send and receive money in this currency. It would be nice to have this possibility… I know that curve cash is now only in GBP but we customers should have an option to change this to other currencies which are supportet by curve

we should have alsow possibility to withdrawal from curve cash