Curve Send Slow

1 Why does it take 2-3 days for curve cash to arrive into my account. It should be instant.

2 Why can’t I receive curve cash onto my curve cash card?

For a peer to peer payment service this is years behind Revolut.

Hi there, @Pagemakers

I will explain the reason for each point:

Why does it take 2-3 days for curve cash to arrive into my account. It should be instant.

When a card transaction is made, whether it be through an online card terminal or the internet, this is the first stage of the process. An authorization is placed on the funds, however capturing will follow within 24-72 hours. As card payments can sometimes be made in error or otherwise do not reach the captured stage, Curve will wait until this process has finalized and no longer regarded as “Pending” before the cashback is credited.

This system is in place to ensure that the cashback is not credited and then the rewarding transaction is cancelled. Revolut would be taking the risk of a card payment being reverted and the customer potentially spending the associated cashback for it, which would place them at a loss unless recovered which as we know is an avoidable situation.

Why can’t I receive curve cash onto my curve cash card?

The cashback awarded is not designed to be converted into cash. By selecting your Curve Rewards card on the app, the funds earned can be used for normal purchase card transactions whether in-store or online. Allowing customers to transfer the balance would allow for it to be exchanged into cash, which is not permitted at this time. My understanding is that Revolut do allow for their cashback earnings to be used dynamically, however once again this is at their discretion.

I hope that this has cleared up things for you.

Thanks for the explanation.

I work for an airline and 95% of all crew have Revolut. It’s beauty is when one person pays the bill and everybody else just sends the funds to 1 person. You are not going to win any of these people over if you don’t receive the funds for a few days.

Even a bank transfer is instant.

Knowing what I know now I wouldn’t really want people to pay me using curve cash over the other options available to me.

Revolut is not a competitor of Curve, since the business model is different between the two. One is for modern banking and the other is for integration.

Being a financially savvy customer, you can use your Revolut card through Curve and receive cashback on both your Curve Cash and Revolut account.This would be 1% on Curve and 0.1% on Revolut / 1% outside of Europe at time of writing.

Essentially the point I am trying to make is that there is no direct competition between the two brands and can reap the benefits from both simultaneously.

Take care :slight_smile:

@Pagemakers Is talking about Curve Send not Curve Cash(back)

@HugoS Is explaining Curve Cash(back)

Discussion will improve if you both would be talking about the same :wink:

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Thanks for highlighting this. From the wording, it sounded like the OP was referring to Curve Cash-back and exchanging it onto another card.

I see why the confusion

I dont think curve can do anything for it to be instant
It send the electronic information to your card
And visa/mastercard send it to your bank
That will put the money into your account

I even noticed big differences in how long it took the Curve Send money to arrive in my other accounts (I just enjoy testing this kind of stuff :blush:):

bunq _ same or next day
DiPocket _ 2-3 days
N26 _ 3-4 days
Revolut _ 4+ days

Only way to speed things up would probably be to allow to receive the Curve Send money on the Curve Cash Card, that would mean it would be directly available to spend.

Sorry. What I meant was it’s a shame the sender could not send you the money and you then save it in your curve cash account thus you would receive the money instantly and have it immediately available to spend.

As it is now If you go for dinner. You cough up £200 for the bill. You split the bill and your mates send you the money but it isn’t available to you for 2-3 days.

This is a big no no in my book. It’s shouldn’t take that long to be able to use the funds.

If you look at Revolut. Bank to bank payments. PayPal etc this “NEW” Curve system is the slowest of them all. Really not sure why you’d use it.

I agree. Realising this would even mean you could split the bill before paying the bill. Ask for the bill. Let your mates pay you with Curve Send, you choose to receive it on your Curve Cash card. Pay the bill with your Curve Card with the Curve Cash card selected as underlying card.
Only problem would be how to get your share (of the diner) onto your Curve Cash card.

I agree that funds received through this new scheme should be handled with a choice. Either to receive it instantly for use through your Curve card or transfer it onto an underlying card, which would take 2-3 working days, due to the current limitations of the card network.

It is being trialed however, although more prominent in the USA than the UK right now, to receive “credit” transactions from merchants onto a VISA card on the same day - if processed before close of business. However, with Curve already being limited in many aspects, it is unlikely for such a change to be introduced for a long while yet.

If you are saying that it takes 2-3 days to receive onto your Curve card balance, then I cannot think of any technological limitation causing them to do this. Essentially, P2P transfers on the same platform should be instant, but if mitigating complete risk, they could be waiting for the sender’s card transaction for that transfer to clear from “Authorized” to “Captured” before releasing the funds - which links back to what I said about the cashback system.

Do the funds sit with curve for a couple of days gaining interest?

I have no reason to believe that this would be a motivation, but rather a risk mitigation if anything.

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I don’t think so… :point_down:t2:

So to me it looks like Curve is sending the money instanty to your card of choice. It is the receiving party that is causing (most of) the delay.