Curve Send: Update

Curve Send: Update

Hi there,

Our priority is always to innovate and deliver the best experience for our customers. With this in mind, we are retiring Curve Send from the app as of 6th September.

We are committed to excellence at all times, and in its current state, Curve Send simply has too many limitations. So, we ultimately decided the best thing to do would be to go back to the drawing board and continue innovating.

Curve customers will still be able to use this feature until Monday 6th September 2021. Any money sent via this feature will still be received, even if the recipient signs up after 6th September. You will be able to spend your Curve Cash by selecting Auto-Spend, or selecting it as a funding source. Please note, there has also been an email sent to alert all Curve customers of the change.

Please find some FAQs here. Thanks to all of you who have used Curve Send up until now. We have learnt a lot and we’re not giving up – just parking it until we get it right. Keep Curving!


The Curve Team


Good night my sweet child.

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@Social_Keira - What will this feature be replaced with?

Nothing that we know of.

Why I curve removing curve send! For me has been such a great experience specially now that almost all of my friends have curve.

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We understand that it will be a disappointing announcement for some users, however it is our priority to keep innovating and this means we have to evaluate where it is best to spend our time and resources. We may look at introducing a replacement feature further down the line as we recognise that it was well used by many customers, but no news on what this may look like at this time.


Revolut :sweat_smile:


I don’t like the door on my house so I’m going to brick it up until further notice. If I ever feel like I need a door again, I may break down the wall and put in a new door. Until then, we’ll use the windows.

Here’s a feature you should work on:
Global expansion of the MVP.

If I have to close my account because I’m moving to an unsupported country, Curve is losing out.


Bit sad :confused: its good feature

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Yes, unfortunately Curve doesn’t ceace to let down people, I’m currently curve metal member and I invested in crowdfunding (which still shows that is processing for me, even though I was charged for it a while ago). To be honest when I saw what curve promised during wirecard fiasco, I was pretty excited, but to see now that they didn’t even added new functionality, but instead they are bringing the app to it’s bare bones structure, I think I will just stick to Google Pay if they really decide to go through with this and some more… shame Curve…

I have never used this feature so no great loss to me.

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Curve’s survival depends on its ability to churn out new features and expanding geographically in a world where all fintech players are encroaching on each other’s territories. All else will quicken its demise.

I’m rather worried by the amount of chest thumping they do at Curve for an entity that is more and more looking like a feature rather than a business.

If any part of Curve serves your interest, you should be worried about them closing down any of their features.

Innovation… going forward… etc… why send is removed? Any clear answer​:question::question::question:

As far as my understanding goes, the product team consistently analyses which features of Curve are used most frequently and are helping us to expand globally. This means that time and resources can be directed to the areas that will help the business move forwards, which sadly means that there has to be some give in other areas, which is why Curve Send will be removed.

The product team felt that it was better to dedicate time to areas that prove more promising for us, such as Curve Credit and other soon to be released features.


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