Curve showing very misleading exchange rates

Note: Per ongoing discussion it seems the rate isn’t correct - rather it seems a £2 fee has been added even though I’ve not withdrawn more than £200 per month.

** Note 2: ** Curve are doubling down and telling me a ‘display’ issue in their app showed me an incorrect rate and I was actually charged at a different rate (but there was no problem with that)


So, this is the transaction screen for a recent transaction:

Now, by my calculation, 30,000 HUF / 384 HUF should equal £78.12.

So, can someone tell me why I got charged £80.01 instead? Because support are telling me everything is correct.

(and they checked - no extra fees were applied)

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Everyone’s maths sucks here. At the shown exchange rate you should have only paid 30000/384.57 = £78.01 - the 0.57 is significant here.

That makes it exactly £2 you were over-charged which is interesting.

You’re not allowed to post this kind of stuff here, so before it’s censored I would say -

  • Curve owe you £2
  • Tell them to pay it to you, or you will report them to the Ombudsman

I’ve checked some of my own transactions (none of them in HUF) and they all tally with the exchange rate shown.

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Thanks Dan!

You’re right, I should have included the .57.

What’s really interesting is a transaction from 2 weeks prior was also exactly £2 higher than the rate showed.

Support have told me there wasn’t any issue with the transaction so yes, unless they change on that, I’ll go down the complaints route.

In my experience i only see

@DanG @andrew1 it looks like the £2 foreign withdrawal fee. If it wasn’t an ATM withdrawal, you should explain that to Curve and point out the mistake. If it was, then everything is correct

Curve have already explicitly denied this is the case -

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If they had indeed applied the exchange rate with no extra fees then this topic would not exist, would it?

He asked them. Curve told him the were no fees for this transaction. Of course it’s possible they were mistaken - but there could be other explanations.

I think the more important points here are -

  • If this is a fee, and Curve had charged it in a fair and transparent way this topic would not exist - it should show up in app and to support agents.
  • If Curve support wasn’t so dire, they would have checked, explained this to the customer. Again, then this topic would not exist.

If I were in his position I would absolutely stand by demanding refund of both £2 discrepancies.

Andrew wasn’t aware of the possibility of fees, they are not clearly shown in the transaction summary and Curve support are not even aware of them. There is a clear case to be made that Curve are not being fair and transparent in charging these fees - and therefore possibly grounds for a higher complaint. Andrew could have minimised these fees by withdrawing a higher amount.

For an unspecified reason, I have a post limit imposed and will likely not be able to reply further on this topic.

Good luck with getting your refund, Andrew. If you are a UK resident who makes frequent ATM withdrawals abroad you might like to try Starling bank who have no foreign ATM fees.

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Hi @megamaster (and thanks for chiming back in @DanG )

I have only ever made 2 ATM withdrawals using my Curve Card in the history of having it - this one and another 2 weeks ago totalling £15.57.

So, I’ve not withdrawn more than £200, nor have I made more than 10 withdrawls, nor do I have more than £500 in foreign currency conversion transactions in the last 30 days - so there should be no basis for a fee.

And yes - the first thing I asked support was had I been charged a £2 fee and their reply was an explicit no - no fees charged and the transaction was correct.

In my reply I’ve asked them to explain why the numbers are different - but I’ve not yet heard back (although I bet they are quite busy).

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You’re missing the foreign withdrawal fee, which is 2% or £2, whichever is higher and is unrelated to the other 3 limits you mention

Isn’t the fee applied only if you go over the £200 limit ?
At least that’s what I understand from the support page on the subject.
Is there a fee to withdraw cash abroad?


Correct. Also see this topic:


Thanks for the link.
I thought so too, otherwise there is no point using curve if you lose money every time you withdraw cash in another currency.

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Yep @megamaster, in this case @poeliev & @chevignon93 are correct - that £2/2% fee should only be applied if I’d withdrawn more than £200 in a month which I 100% have not (ever).

And additionally, support have confirmed there was no fee added to that transaction.

Although I suspect a bug has somehow caused one to be added, but it doesn’t show on Curve’s support team system?

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After giving them a nudge via Twitter, I’ve now had a followup reply on my ticket to confirm it’s being looked into by the Payments team.

I’m happy to hear that and fingers crossed this will get resolved! :smiley:


Please keep us informed when you have further news.



Support told me that the rate show in the app is wrong due to a “display issue” and to delete and re-install the app.

I did, and the “faulty rate” is still shown.

Curve are still saying there was no issue with this transaction.

So, off down the official complaint road we go!

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Hmmm. But do they still acknowledge the rate’s wrong?

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They confirmed once again that no FX fee or otherwise was charged.

They acknowledge that the rate shown in the app isn’t correct because it doesn’t add up with the total charged.

They said the reason for this was a “display issue” showing a “faulty rate”.

They said to delete and re-install the app to fix this (it didn’t).

They then (for the 3rd time) gave me the boilerplate explanation about their “Currency Layer”.

I’ve told them I expect £4 refunded ASAP (£2 for each transaction I was overcharged on) or I will begin a formal complaint.


(Probably) Final Update:

They’re giving me 500 curve points as gesture of goodwill and forwarding the issue to the engineering team.